Saturday, February 15, 2020


As of yesterday, we have been in our new home for 10 weeks!
I can't believe it's been that long already... it still feels like only a few weeks.
That's probably because we have been so busy?


Sometimes I look around and think "Where the hell am I?".   Yes, the house feels like home most of the time now, but sometimes I have to stop and think about where I am, or where I'm going.

I've not accidentally driven back to Cambridge ... YET!  It's bound to happen.

I think it's just going to take more time ... until it truly feels like HOME.

Very exciting day today.  We are heading off up to Auckland, to the PENTATONIX concert!
I've been looking forward to it for so long.  So have Steve, Bex and Stew.  

Well not so sure about Stew!  He's not listened to much Pentatonix.   I hope he enjoys the concert.

We are taking Lacy with us, as she's babysitting the boys for us. 

We are not staying up in Auckland tonight ... much prefer our own bed really.  And it's not far to come back home afterwards.  

But for now... we have a couple of new shrubs to plant in the garden, and a few plants to move to different places.  The gardens are constantly evolving, which is fun.

AND.... after only 5 days:

ABOVE:  Yep, last night while watering the dirt patch... I saw GRASS!   How amazing is that.  Very exciting.

Oh yeah... while I think about it... I bought this weeks ago:

ABOVE:  See this?  It's an ultrasonic anti bark thingee.  I tried it.  The dogs literally LAUGHED at me.  It didn't work AT ALL.  They kept on barking, I might as well have used it to hit them over the head for all the good it did.
Don't buy one, or at least not this one.

And for the few ANON commentors who tried to blast me about the bark collars... I didn't even read them.  I hit DELETE the second I realised it was a negative comment.   Gotta love DELETE.


11.40 am:  And Stew and I have been busy this morning, just getting stuff done around the yard.  Sorting out keys/deadbolts and so on, so when we go out of town the house is locked up nice and tight.

Now it's time to get ready to head off to Auckland.  *Squeals*
So looking forward to the concert!!!

...4 pm. Safely in Auckland. Very noisy... Steve and the boys *sigh*

ABOVE: His singlet gave up the ghost... it was full of smaller holes. Then he pulled it.  Yeah. He's a dick. 

ABOVE: We are here... and we have amazing seats!
Just waiting for the opening act to come on stage in 20 minutes.

12.48 am:  We are safely home from Auckland.
We had a fantastic time at the concert, my ears are still ringing!
The band was awesome, sung lots of songs I didn't know, and a few I did, they kept the best one till last.  Hallelujha, in my opinion one of their very best covers.

It's too late to upload photos/videos so hang in there till tomorrow... well later on today. *smiles*


  1. Have a super time 😁

  2. Have a fantastic night out at Pentatonix ... I love their singing too.

  3. Pentatonix is not a group I was familiar with, but I have listened to them now on YouTube and they are good. I hope you have enjoyed their concert.
    Our new lawn must be about two weeks ahead of yours. It has just had its first cutting but I remember the thrill of that first green tinge.

  4. Hope you guys have a Fantastic Night.

  5. Have a great night

  6. Have a wonderful night Chris and co! Safe journey xxxx

  7. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Best seats ever, totally jelly. Have the best time, Jo.

  8. Anonymous10:34 PM

    You wore bike pants and jandels to a concert? You need some nice clothes asap! You're an attractive older woman but that's way to scruffy. You can still be comfortable and not wear bike pants and jandels unless exercising or out in the garden.

    1. Middle of summer, in an arena with 12,000 other people... I was going to be comfortable... and I was. That's what mattered. I might add, there were at least 10,000 other people dressed in a similar way. Scruffy? Like I care what you think! But thanks for the backhanded compliment.

  9. Anonymous12:45 AM

    annon clearly needs their eyes tested as there is nothing 'scruffy' about Mums look
    #Lacy ��

  10. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Hi Chris, the concert looks did you...who the hell let the comments your top, Sarah xxx

  11. Glad u enjoyed the concert and home safe hope you buth get a skeep in

  12. Yep - Cute pic at the concert! Glad you enjoyed the concert.


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