Monday, February 03, 2020


Today I'm going to Mitre 10 to get a few bigger pavers.
And staples to hold down weed matting.

In readiness for Thursday, when Stew can continue to work on the pool area.

He is going to lay down the larger pavers inside the pool area, then stones as well.  It's going to look so good once it's finished.

Thursday is a public holiday here, that's why he will be home during the 'working week'.  

If Griffin comes home today, I'm going to get him to do a couple of smaller jobs outside for me.  There isn't that much to do on the 'smaller job' list!

I reckon by the end of this month we will have most of the jobs done!

Then we can sit back and actually relax for a while.  Can't imagine it, but it will happen.  *smiles*

I will be working on these today as well:

 ABOVE:  A set of 8 Cow Placemats.  They are rather cute.  
Funny how it takes almost as long to cut out the fabric/batting and backing fabric as it takes to sew it all up!

ABOVE:  I commandeered this 'outdoor' trolley for use inside... mostly to take groceries from the car to the kitchen.  And Stew nicked it and used it outside over the weekend... he made it all dirty again!

*** grubby man ***

So ... I need to clean it again.

And that's all I have for now... catch up again later.


NO DEAD FISH TODAY!  Fingers crossed we are left with the strongest, hardy fish.

And it's another day where moving AT ALL causes me to break out in a sweat/hot flush!  
OMG I want winter back.  I miss being able to go out walking so much.

I've just finished putting chemicals in the pool and am now topping it up with water. Once that's done I can go out and get the pavers etc. 

11.10 am:  I went to Mitre 10.  Stood in front of the pavers.  And was like "What ones to get?"

Cos there's quite a variety of colours...

light grey
mid grey
dark grey
light gold
dark gold
muddy gold

GRRRRrrrr!   I couldn't decided what would 'go' with what was already at home.  So I came home empty handed.
Stew and I will just have to go down together on Thursday morning with a good photo of the pavers we already have to get a good match.

So now... I'm going to head off to the Studio to work on those placemats. 
It's so neat being able to take my computer in there now, I can listen to my music, or watch a movie, and see what emails come in etc.

4.12 pm:  Home alone.  Brylee's gone to Tauranga for a couple of days.  
Griffin?  No show. YET.

 ABOVE:  Where I've been for the past few hours.  Sewing and watching Netflix shows.  
It's awesome.

ABOVE:  I have finished the 8 Placemats.  Now I'm working on a Wall Hanging, also part of my Australian order.

Going great guns I must say.

It is so good being productive in the Studio again, *smiles*  And I love the view I have from the sewing desk.  I can see cars and people come and go, and my lovely 'driveway'  garden.
I've not done anything with the view out my side window yet.

That will happen ... eventually.

10.11 pm:  And it's the end of another hot day.  Griffin arrived home at dinnertime.  Brylee is in Tauranga again.
All is good.  Sorta.  
Me feet have started twitching again.  Not a good sign.
My feet twitch when I'm getting wound up, just sayin'.


  1. Just love your little cart. So handy. Stew thought so too lol. You can play with the hose, wash it down and cool off yourself!!

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    It was 37 degrees here yesterday fingers crossed it's not that hot on Thursday for the Elton John concert!! George's Mum.

  3. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Your home and garden are gorgeous, you guys have worked so hard. Jo

  4. Anonymous11:08 PM

    oml mum that bird lol 😂 🤣
    #Lacy 💙


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