Friday, February 21, 2020


I started making little coin purses a couple of days ago, and showed them on here, and Facebook.
I was NOT trying to sell them to anyone right now... I'm making them for market really.

But... I have already sold three!

ABOVE:  I got a message from a friend in Australia last night.  She wants this one! lol
I shall take it over in March and post it to her from there.
By the time I leave I will have half a suitcase full of my sewing stuff for people over there! 

They are not expensive items (the coin purses), so I'm not going to make me fortune... but still nice to know they are liked.

Today:  Well first up... I'm going to sit outside the WINZ office and see if a certain person turns up for their appointment.

ABOVE:  Then I'm going over to Cambridge for an FGB Coffee Meet up.  I'm really looking forward to that.

Then I will come home and make some coin purses.  My aim is 3-4 a day until I have a nice number ... then I shall get back to my Australian Order.  Just 2 cot quilts to go on that one.


Semi success... the kid turned up.  But has to go back within a few day after doing what he was SUPPOSED to do in the past 3 weeks.  Freakin' kids eh?  *frown*

Then off to Cambridge, where I spent a lovely hour catching up with girlfriends.

ABOVE: There were about 20 of us, so a really good turn out.

I then went to Spotlight to get more supplies for me little coin purses.  Came home, watered me lawn and am now in the Studio about to make my daily quota of coin purses.

It's so hot I have sweat running down my face and back!  JUST SITTING HERE!

My Uncle Ron, who is me Mum's partner, sent me a photo today.
Now I took one look at it and said "I'm not coming!"... as in, maybe Aussy ain't a good place to visit!

ABOVE:  Like... it's a freakin' SNAKE!!!!   I can literally hear me Mum screaming holy blue murder for Ron to come and kill it!   *shudder*

OLD MOO... there better be none around when we come over there!  And RON... yes, of course I'm a chicken.

Dinnertime.  We (Stew and I) go to the supermarket for some stuff we need for tomorrow.

We are heading out of the supermarket when an alarm goes off.  We keep going out the door, but next thing ... this voice right behind me says:

"STOP!  Spread your legs and hands up against the wall!!!"

I actually stopped and started to spread my legs, looking behind me with what must have been a very alarmed look on my face.

And the bloke behind me looks at me and says "Oh hell!  I was just joking!"

I slapped him, on the arm.  

Then we all laughed.  Only I wasn't that amused really.

And on that note... I'm off to sew some more.
Catch ya tomorrow... when LACY turns 40!


  1. Love that puppy coin purse so cute :-).

    Good luck with WINZ.

  2. Hlpe for your sake G turned up for his appointment bloody kids

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Chris you will find it is way cheaper to post from nz to Aussie than Aussie to Aussie mum tells me that all the time I love the puppy one

  4. Anonymous2:14 PM

    The snake is only a python....even the deadly brown snake which I have had a couple in my garden are protected..eekkk...I called the snake catcher in...


  5. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous3:45 PM

    ohh cute snake 🐍 hope Ron and Granny didn't kill it
    #Lacy 💙

  7. No of course we didn't kill it.He opened the window and guided it out.It was draped around a chair next to the window.Guided with a walking I didn't scream either,just watched from a safe distance.THE OLD MOO.

  8. Anonymous8:44 PM


  9. Im a2ay from computer all tomorrow so happy birthday Lacy

    1. Anonymous10:42 PM

      oh thanks Felicity xx
      #Lacy 💙

  10. Anonymous9:34 PM

    oml I'm not blinken 40 yet guys lol 😂 but thanks Ma 💙 😊😊😊
    #Lacy 💙

  11. Freakin' kids for sure. Don't know why they have to make things so much harder on themselves; just wish they'd do what they're supposed to do. Love, love, love the dog coin purse, such cute fabric and really perfectly suited for those purses. Happy Birthday, Lacy! 40 is awesome!


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