Thursday, February 20, 2020


I'm not really in a blogging mood today.

So you get this:

 ABOVE:  13th of October, 2019. Just a jungle of Japanese Maples, and undiscovered ROCKS.

ABOVE:  20th/21st December, 2019... and TWO ROCKS found.  They managed to move the smaller one (behind the BIG one).

ABOVE:  The same area... 8th February 2020.  Quite a change!

 ABOVE:  29th January, 2020.  Just a mess.

ABOVE: 2nd February, 2020.

And that's where we are for now.

I'm feeling really ikkk today.  Not in a good mood.  

ABOVE:  I'm suffering from unexplained crabbiness.

I will come back later, hopefully in a better mood.


10.42 am:  Well I finally got outta bed at around 9!  Lacy turned up for left overs.  So I got her to earn them!
She bathed the dogs and watered the lawn.

 ABOVE:  They smell much nicer now.  It won't be long before they will need grooming again.  Particularly Marley, she is a fast hair grower!

ABOVE:  cos I can, you get this.

 ABOVE:  The lawn is starting to look lush in some  places, and the final stubborn areas are finally sprouting grass too.

ABOVE:  Once it sprouts, it certainly doesn't take long to fill out.  That patch in the middle of the slope was bald just a couple of days ago, and the top bit?  Sprouting!  

Obviously I can't stop showing you me friggin GRASS!

Like ... it's awesome shit. lol

I'm now in me sewing room and about to start another zippered purse.

ABOVE:  2 X Large Zippered Purses and one 'normal' sized Zippered Coin Purse.  I kinda love the dogs!

I'm now taking a break cos I have a thumping headache.  Relax time.  Followed by a swim.

Well, no swim today, I just feel like shit.  Still got a thumping headache.
Stew arrived home and as it was just the two of us for dinner, we went out for a burger.  

Burger Fuel is just down the road, and they make  THE BEST burgers ever.

Not doing much else now, taken some more painkillers, hoping it kills the headache.


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    yo um coming around for prepared 😊 (said I the lion King voice lol)
    #Lacy 💙

  2. Kiwionholidays9:24 AM

    Smile Chris.”no one blames the happy girl”
    Fab progress on your home
    Happy times ahead from all you ones hard work


  3. Love the work you guys have done, incredible transformation :-). Hope you are feeling perkier soon.

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Love watching the grass grow plz photos everyday. Lee-Anne L

  5. Buck up,things could be worse,your place looks lovely,you've done some lovely sewing,you've worked out the meals for the next week,sit for a while and listen to music, or read a book,things could be worse.Go for a walk.THE OLD MOO.

  6. LOL I will join you in the crabby thing this morning. I was blaming the weather, too hot at night to sleep well and am really over all this hot hot hot we've been getting. I just want to yell at someone!!

  7. Wow those photos show just how much work you guys have done, it is unrecognisable. You all deserve a rest now. Hope you are feeling less crabby soon, for the sake of the rest of your mob. :-)

  8. Feel better soon. You've done a lot in the past few months and even though it's good stuff it still takes its toll. Have a chill day.

  9. Your grass is amazing. Seriously. Weird that it's exciting to watch grass grow!! 🙄

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      I am the same love watching the grass grow. Exciting for sure. Lee-AnneL

  10. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Just saw this website and thought you would really like it.

  11. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Go The Old Moo she's right Chris you deserve to stop and smell the roses from time to time. The house is looking amazeballs well done to you and your helpers George's Mum.

  12. Hi Chris, hope you feel a bit more chipper soon xxxxx

  13. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Wow the lawn looks awsome. Wont be long till it needs a gentle cut. And I agree listen to your mother and just take it easy xx and feeling blah and crabby I understand why. you have had a few shitty days!! Bex x

  14. The garden is looking fantastic in such short time too! Keep showing us the grass pics, it's oddly fascinating to watch it grow!!

  15. I can't believe how fast your grass is growing! It is doing so well. I need to re-sow some of our front lawn but we are on water restrictions now in Christchurch so can only water our gardens every second day, so think I'd be wasting my time at the moment. Your latest sewing projects look great - the dog ones are so cute! I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  16. Hope you are feeling better today!

  17. The grumps is going around today! Take care feel better.

  18. Your grass is awesome. Live that green.
    Hope the headache disappears soon


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