Tuesday, February 25, 2020


It's taken me a while to work out where to put our house 'name' outside.  Originally I was going to put it on the new fence at the end of the driveway.

Then I decided to put it here:

ABOVE:  By the front door.  The only problem is, it would read "RUSTY 5 BITS" eh?

So, I have gotta move the 5.  (the letters were just held there with blu tack for the photo)

It can go in a couple of places:

ABOVE:  So, which position, left or right? 

Because I fluffed around and did all sorts of other stuff yesterday, no sewing got done.  So today I am going to head back into the Studio and do some.

Hopefully I don't get distracted by anything else that needs doing or planting. 


WOW!  There seems to be an overwhelming preference for the '5' to go to the left!  So... this weekend it no doubt will.  *smiles*

I've been busy this morning ... just doing all the usual jobs around here.  

Looking at our gorgeous lawn, I think it probably needs to be mown soon!  It's getting quite long and the grass is starting to lean over. Amazing how quickly it grew, and how green it is.

I should be sewing now, but I'm already feeling jaded!  Pottering outside for the past 1.5 hours in the heat wasn't really fun.  So time out for a little while I think.

1.20 pm:  And I've done two things today that I'm happy about.

1.  I am sewing ...

 ABOVE:  I love the inside pocket of this one!  edit: AND IT'S NOW SOLD!  

ABOVE: And I'm on to my second one for today.

2.  THIS ONE is more important:  I rang and cancelled my Weight Watchers membership. AGAIN!

Yep.  For about the 10th time I reckon.  I realised I keep joining for the WRONG reasons.
Usually it's because yes, I am fat, but more because I want to make friends in a new place!

And to be even more honest, I hate dieting and I hate the stress of having to weigh in every week.  I get myself all wound up before weigh in, and if there's a gain, no matter how small, I get all pissy and depressed.

So.  I'm not doing it anymore.  I will do it on my own, without the stress.

Just finished 4 Zippered Coin Purses for the day.  

ABOVE:  This one is my first '2nd'.  The outer fabric puckered up on one side with the interfacing, so I just covered with a heart.   Oh yeah, I also forgot to put the inner pocket in, so had to unpick and do it retrospectively... and now that bloody pocket is crooked too.  So definitely a 2nd.  *sigh*

It will probably be the first one I sell at market!  lol

Time to stop and have a swim, I'm roasting. Oh and have a piddle, cos I been busting for a good 2 hours already.  Derrr.

We had an interesting and enjoyable evening!  Most unexpectedly, we ended up going out to help celebrate our friend's, Richard and Jenny's, 20th Wedding Anniversary.

ABOVE:  Richard and Stew went to school together and are best of friends.  So nice catching up with them.

It was just their immediate family and a few friends at a local pub, but lots of fun.

It was certainly not the evening I had planned!  I was gunna sort out some stuff in the kitchen.  

But that can now wait until tomorrow.

Signing off for the day, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. On the right, so its viable to all cars..

  2. Love your sign. I vote for left. You would see the number as you approach the houe.

  3. Suggestion - Look from the street, where does the number show best?

  4. Anonymous8:22 AM

    The number needs to go on the left where it’s visible at a glance


  5. Put the 5 on the left - or wherever it is more visible from the road.

  6. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Put the 5 wherever it is most visible from the street, to help visitors/delivery people to find your house.

    A Fan in Canada

  7. My vote is for the left too.

  8. Centre of the left. More space and is on its own

  9. Left, by the garage :) That's my vote!

  10. maybe under the 5.... but if not, I prefer left xxxxxxx

  11. Left I reckon.

  12. Put the 5 next to the garage door x

  13. Anonymous11:35 AM

    put it on the roof 😂 🤣
    #Lacy 💙

  14. On the left. Your house and garden are looking amazing.

  15. Kiwionholidays12:32 PM

    Agree your home looks amazing
    The 5 would be great on the left hand side
    Love love love 💔 the name..

  16. Glad you cancelled your WW membership if it was doing your head in. I find that that sort of "accountability" really messes with my headspace. We have being doing this weight loss lark for so long we both know what works for us. It's just a question of doing it!!!

    1. Amen sister!!! We know what works... we just gotta do it! EXACTLY!!! If it were just that easy! :-)

  17. I cancelled mine yesterday 🤣

  18. Good decision Chris. Sometimes that accountability works for people, sometimes not. For me, it has always been at the wrong time. You can meet people in other ways!

  19. Yep, WW works for some but never did for me.

  20. I will never go back to WW. Hated the counting, hated trying to make the food behave. Did take my doctor’s advice and went to the weight management program at our hospital, which is moderately low carbohydrate, high fat diet which I’m enjoying very much and which is working for me. Best of all, no calorie counting.

  21. Love the fruity ladies ❤

  22. My opinion for what it is worth... the 5 can stay put where it is. I think because it's a different colour/style it's clearly obvious that it's not part of the Rusty Bits and it's the house number.

    As for WW. It worked for me back in the 2000's but I signed up about 6 months ago and it didn't give me the accountability I was wanting so I quit. I wanted accountability but knowing I had to weigh in didn't work.... it did in the past. Its like I need a little person to sit on my shoulder and give me a "tut, tut" in the ear everytime I pour myself a wine and eat the crackers and cheese.

  23. I like the variety of the little bags. There is just so much you can do with them!


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