Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I got a couple of emails last night asking for our Baked Carrot Dish recipe, so here ya go:

ABOVE:  You can add other stuff to it too... any other veges, meat, garlic etc.  Totally up to you.

NOT SHITTING YOU...  just after I typed that about adding some meat to it... I looked at Stew and said:

"Adding some cubed bits of ham would be nice in it".... 

And bugger me... he said he was literally thinking the EXACT same thing and was about to say it to me!   

Not just ham, he was thinking 'CUBED BITS OF HAM'.

We think alike so often... at. the. same. time.
It's a bit freaky. 

Love my man so much.  We are very different when it comes to temperament, but still on the same wavelength.

Today... first up... water the 'lawn'.  It's coming along nicely.
Still have some patches that are just dirt...but I'm sure they are gunna sprout any day now.

At some point I will go into the sewing room and do some prep work for my little 'zipper' projects.
I might have another cot quilt order to work on too!

And that's me for now... catch ya later.


I just remembered it's Card Night in Cambridge tonight, so I better think of something to take.  We all take a small plate of nibbles for supper.

ABOVE:  Lacy came over and was very surprised at my lawn's growth.  There I am pointing out areas that have come up overnight.

When we go on holiday next month it will be her job to keep it ALIVE!  

So... I was looking at some You Tube videos... and decided to do some 'zip' sewing without a zipper foot.  Plenty of people do it would appear, so I could too.

I made two of my 'zip projects'... here they are:

ABOVE:  I wanted to make some coin purses for market.  This is my first attempt.  A bit big, and also I felt it needed a tag thingee.

 ABOVE:  My 2nd one... which I'm much happier with.  Still not perfect though, I forgot to top stitch along the zipper edge. *sigh*

I'm sure the third one will be just right.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Is it too soon to have a favourite?  Cos I really love this one!
And I remembered all the steps.  AND did I mention you can fit ya mobile phone in these coin purses too?  
So handy if you just want to go out with some change and ya phone.

I have probably got just enough time to make one more before I have to prepare and cook dinner... then go out to Card Night.

ABOVE:  And there ya go, the last one for the day.  I'm now out of the Studio, and into the kitchen.

OH YAaaaa.  NOT.

Card Night got cancelled due to there only being two of us going. Which is sad, but it means I get to make a couple more little purses after dinner.  *smiles*  There's always a positive right?

Stew will be home shortly from Rotorua, dinner is simmering away in the pot and I have some lovely Turkish Bread defrosting in the microwave.  

I put photos of my little coin purses on Facebook... visable to my friends only.  And just like that, the first one I made is sold, and I have an order for a nautical one.  LOL
And someone suggested I make PURPLE ones for the FBG's.  We will see on that one.  Not everyone is gunna want one!

Dinner was delicious... followed by a Movenpik ice cream, cos we had to go into town to turn on the security alarm at Stew's offices.  So much for once a month! 

Oh well... I'll just have to be extra careful for the next few days.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Mmm that carrot casserole is tempting. Don't know if other half will eat it but I certainly will...with ham!!
    Thanks for the recipe.
    Awesome having your mate on the same wavelength!!

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    oml that carrot dish is blinken yummy 😊👌đŸĨ•
    #Lacy 💙

  3. Probably a DUMB Question. But.... How did you plant the grass seed? Did you use some special spreader and rake contraption? Or just throw it by handfulls and water it? I have some bald dirt spots, but I always thought it was some mysterious secret to plant grass!

    1. Not dumb at all if you have never done it before. We just threw it on in sweeping handfuls, then lightly raked it in a bit. Watering it every morning and night.

    2. Ah - so you really don't need all that gadgetry. If this damn snow ever melts I will give it a try!

    3. Oh, love the zipper bags. You could even make "rustic" ones for the men folk. My hubby keeps his medication in one of these made out of oiled canvas or some such fabric.

  4. Lawn is looking awesome mum.

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      it does doesn't it, lucky for her kids Lacy and Steve and his little family for helping

  5. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Why did you have to bake the carrot dish for an hour when nearly all of the ingredients are already cooked? Maybe a dumb question. Audrey

    1. To cook the egg and bind it all together. Maybe you can do it for a shorter period of time? I've just always chucked it in for an hour.

    2. It also makes the top and edges all crispy, which I think "makes" the dish!

  6. Man you're a clever clogs

  7. Its bÊn ice cream weather..ive taken a liking to the new raspberry and lime frujus they r delish

  8. I make that dish with carrot and turnip - delicious!


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