Sunday, February 16, 2020


*yawn*... morning!

Let's just go straight to last night's concert:

 ABOVE:  Steve, Stew and I had never been to SPARK ARENA before.  We were really impressed, it's a lovely venue.

 ABOVE:  We arrived there just before they opened the doors... so did 12,000 other people!   But we got in very quickly and found our seats without any problems at all.

We had awesome seats!  Virtually no one was right in front of us at all.  We  had a clear view the entire time.  

ABOVE:  Too funny!  We were spotted in the crowd by a girlfriend from Tauranga!  She sent me this photo of us over Facebook, before the show started, saying 'Hi'!  
There was an FBG girlfriend there too.

 ABOVE:  Pentatonix... they were awesome.
The lighting was fantastic, it was a well put together show.

ABOVE:  I got some 'merch'.... lol.  Just a t-shirt to remember the evening by.

ABOVE:  The opening set.  Even 'just' the intro was fantastic.

ABOVE:  Their final song.  My favourite.  It was certainly a way, way better concert than Kenny Rogers 37 years ago! No comparison really.

So... after having a nice sleep in, it's time to get up and do a few jobs around the house.  Washing. Dusting. Watering the grass and gardens, cos they didn't get done last night, that's for sure.

I wasn't going to get out there at 1 in the morning for anything, not even new grass. lol

ONWARD...  3 pm:  Well after doing all me first thing in the morning jobs, I decided to make us Brunch.
I've not done a cook up in the morning in FOREVER!

ABOVE: That was Stew's plateful... he ate it all!
I on the other hand, could not.  So the dogs got lucky with lots of sausage.  The bread went down the sink.

After that feast, we both felt a bit sleepy! Funny that.
I kinda cat napped on my chair for an hour or so, and Stew did a little work outside.

Then around 2 pm we decided to pop out as I wanted a couple of things from Spotlight.  Not much, I will show you what tomorrow.

Then we went into town and had a Movenpik ice cream.... it's going to be a once a month treat.
We know total denial of treats just leads to HUGE BLOWOUTS.  We ain't gunna do that. *smiles*

I went into the studio this afternoon, spent about an hour looking for one of my sewing machine feet.  Not luck at all, so first thing tomorrow I need to go to friggin Spotlight AGAIN to buy a zipper foot.  Grrrr.

Stew cooked dinner tonight,  we had pork spare ribs, but they were more like steaks, and salad.

Time to head off to bed, I'm freakin' tired.


  1. Sounds like you had a great evening :)

  2. Kiwionholidays12:15 PM

    Trying this way out,

  3. Kiwionholidays1:07 PM

    Fabulous that you four got a neat night out and had some fun and R&R
    All your hard work at home bought so much change

    Loving all the progress n fab photos nets


  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Hi sounds like you had a good time...I agree that we need a treat, but I have far to many treats..ha ha...



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