Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Well it was bound to happen.
Ya move into a new home and shove shit in cupboards... and weeks later you figure out that where you put stuff just ain't working.

And that's where I am right now.
Sorting out shit in the kitchen cupboards.

ABOVE:  Luckily, it's only three cupboards that were not 'working' for me.
So last night I asked Brylee to empty them out onto the bench, so I could rearrange them.

Only we went out didn't we?  So, I shall be doing it this morning.

Shouldn't take me too long.  I hope.

I've got me morning routine down pat now.
It takes about an hour or so to tend the pool (filter on, chemicals in), then water the lawn and gardens, get some washing on, do a general tidy up... then I can do some sewing or whatever I feel like.

And today, after me jobs, I will be sewing again.
I want to make a few more little purses, then get back to the 2 cot quilts I have left from my Australian order. 



I'm not having much fun in the bloody kitchen.
I've still not sorted out where stuff goes.  Grrrr.
Been out to find some sort of basket(s) for the lower cupboard... but came home empty handed after realising I was looking at things I already had at home. *sigh*

So, I'm just sitting here looking at it all!
Crabby as f*#k.

***  I will get it sorted... eventually ***

ABOVE:  Well... I'm probably half way there? Feeling more confident I will have it in some sort of order in the next couple of hours.  Bloody nightmare job making sure things are in the 'right' place in a kitchen I tell ya.

Brylee has been in and out all day, she had a driving lesson with an excellent instructor (Ray)... making sure she's ready for her Full License Test which is coming up soon.

We've not heard from Griffin in a while, but as we have some news that might interest him... in relation to some work and a possible apprenticeship in the future, I (or Stew) might just have to ring him.  

LOTTO's powerball has jumped to something like $42 million, so I'm going out shortly to get a ticket.  Ya gotta be in to win right *smiles*.

ABOVE: It's friggin done.  Now I just have to make sure nobody messes it up for me.  

Lacy came back.  She's loud.  And annoying.  So I decided to go out to pick up my new zipper foot (it finally arrived)... and guess what?

Brylee and Lacy invited themselves to come along.  FAaaark.

And we get to Sewing Machine World at 5 Cross Roads.  Ask for me zipper foot... so she gets it from under the counter, opens it up and HELLO.  It's not a zipper foot at all. 

WTF? She ordered the wrong foot.  So, cos I was already there ....

 ABOVE:  I bought these two cot quilt panels.  And left feeling slightly less annoyed that I'd had a wasted trip in a stinking hot car.

Once back from the sewing shop, we all jumped in the pool.  It was wonderful, so refreshing.
Then Lacy went home, Brylee retired to her room to play Sims and I ... well I fell asleep in me chair.  lol

Then was rudely awoken when Stew got home, so I had to get up and cook dinner.
We had Beef Spare ribs, wedges and salad.  It was really yum.

Then I did some work in the Studio before coming back in to watch Coronation Street... which should be starting in about 20 minutes.

Time to say 'Catch ya tomorrow'.


  1. I hate that part of a clean up/reshuffle where everything is just a bloody great mess!! I have to force myself to continue because I just get overwhelmed & do bloody nothing :-). You are an organiser extraordinaire so I am sure you will get it sorted perfectly :-).

  2. Ooh, that basket idea might work in one of my cupboards :-)

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I replaced a 2 door under bench cupboard with 3 drawers. Best thing ever. Top drawer holds plates bowls glasses etc. Second holds pie plates, casserole dishes, jugs and mixing bowls and 3rd drawer has platters and Square/rectangular oven dishes

  4. The cabinets are so clean and organized! Glad you found some fun stuff at the store!

  5. Great video again. Love that kiwi accent
    Next time you move put a huge walk in pantry on top of your list lol

  6. Kiwionholidays9:41 PM

    Busy day there and so much achieved

  7. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Hehe sorry about it.... but you love me so yea....i might be annoying and loud but I'm kewl 😂🤣
    #Lacy 💙

  8. You have been busy once again. Glad to see you got it all sorted away.

  9. Cupboards look great. Neat and very easy to get stuff you need. Quilt panels are SO cute. I haven't watched Coronation street since the '90's. So funny to think it's still ongoing. Erin

  10. I moved into my 'new' place in July and just this past weekend was re-organizing kitchen cupboards as well. I am still not 100% happy with it but at least I can reach most things more easily. I just have too much stuff from going from a family of 4 to just me after 30 years!

  11. Well done with the sorting, got to love Lacy!!

  12. The cabinets are so clean and organized! You did a great job, I love reshuffling my kitchen and wardrobe once in a month !!! Sometimes it's tiring but I love seeing changes, we get to know things which we really don’t want in the kitchen and which are probably making a mess. Glad you found some fun stuff at the store! Great video again….Good Job Lacy !!!!

  13. Cupboard and crockeries look great. You have sorted and arranged so neatly. It is important to organize them at least once a month. If you miss so, it will be a complete mess.


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