Sunday, February 23, 2020


I stayed up past midnight last night.  I got carried away in the Studio.

ABOVE:  I ended up making a freakin' mess, so that's the first thing I will be doing this morning.  Tidying it up again.

ABOVE: I've got these two Coin Purses ready for stitching, but I don't have the right colour zips.  I thought I could use green, but nah... it doesn't look right. So, that will be the 2nd thing I do this morning ... go get red zips.  Oh and purple ones.

ABOVE:  I've now made 12 zippered coin purses and 6 larger ones for my next market. 
There's another two purple ones waiting to be stitched up as well... I just need purple zips.

I think going forth, I shall cut out the fabrics, then go get the matching zips for them.
No more just buying one of each colour.

ABOVE: this needed fixing (the flowers fell off), so I did that last night too.  The person who made it used some sort of rubber fixative. It failed.  So I've stuck the flowers back on with Araldite.  Hopefully that works, cos I really love this garden ornament.

I'm dragging Stew off to Wairere Nursery to find some grasses, I think perhaps having some more plants in that front garden by the pond might make it look better?

PENNY:  Maybe the big pot is making it look off kilter too?  I don't want to move it from there, so will have to see what else I can do to balance things out.

 ABOVE:  A few photos from yesterday.  

ABOVE: These two boys had never been to the movies before, they LOVED IT!  And the popcorn.  Let's not forget the popcorn, it's what makes the movies so special.

ABOVE: Bex took these photos ... they came out really good!  

And that's it for now... I'm gunna get up soon and make a start on the day.


Stew had other plans for our day. 

He decided we should visit the new Surrealist Garden at the Hamilton  Gardens.

So we did.
More later... we are now having lunch at  The Base.

 ABOVE:  When I'm cross with Stew I tell him I'm gunna stab him SIXTEEN times in the chest!  So he was acting like I was gunna stab him SIXTEEN times in the chest with the pitchfork!  As if... I would only have to stab him 5 times with the fork to get 15 holes!

 ABOVE: The only time I've felt 'small' in forever!

 ABOVE:  Reflection pond.  Beautiful.

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist these gorgeous bowls... a nice momento of our visit to the gardens.

After the garden visit, we had lunch then bought the zips I needed from Spotlight.

Home now and *yawn*, feeling very sleepy.  Might just have a 'nana' nap. 

Yeah... no nap.  Stew reluctantly went out the front with me and rearranged the front pond garden.
I will show you that tomorrow.

THEN I tried for a late nap... but thunder and rain got me up.  I had to close windows and just look at the rain!

ABOVE:  And now, you can too!  lol

I'm just showing off me lawn really.

9.37 pm:   We've done bugger all this evening except watch TV and Stew did his evening 'jobs'.... so that's it for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:30 AM

    The blue pot to the left of big pot take back towards the brown fence and take the little blue pot there away also the plastic plant pot take away.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    The problem is the green plastic pot. Possibly also the other small pot.

  3. Your garden is looking amazing ... you can see how much work you guys have put into it. I have been thinking about the front stone garden overnight too - and agree with the above, that maybe it is the two smaller plants that are out of place there. They are nice plants - but maybe could go elsewhere. The gorgeous wee bridge, seat, ornaments and stones are perfect and work well together.

    Love the photo at the movies ...

  4. Kiwionholidays1:22 PM

    Fabulous love the wee videos of your home n the weekend goings on
    Those gardens though what a hidden treasure for Hamilton
    Would love to do the whole place on our next holiday back home

    Cheers 🥂

  5. I love Araldite glue!! it's all I use now, amazing stuff! I kind of agree with Penny regarding that big pot. I love that pot but just think it's kind of not right there. I do think it would look amazing in that back garden somewhere though. I'll wait and see what you come up with!

  6. A lovly day out with your man


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