Friday, February 28, 2020


Our freakin lawn is now so long it's literally falling over!

I water it and it gets flattened in places... I've walked on it twice and the grass just stays flat.

I was thinking Stew could mow it this weekend, but after reading up on it, sounds like we should wait another week at least.  And let it dry out a tiny bit before mowing too.

 ABOVE:  I took this photo from out the sunroom window.  You can see some of the patchy places in this photo.

ABOVE:  I took this one while standing on the pool decking.  It shows the entire lawn.  And my footprints. *smiles*

I wonder what it will look like after it's mown for the first time?  I hope we don't kill it!  Though if I water it morning and night afterwards, it should be OK.  But, that's another week away.

I also read that I shouldn't be walking on it at all yet... so bugger.  I will have to go around the long way.

ABOVE:  a video of the other side of the house.  Just for a change. lol

Thought I'd mention this,  yesterday I put photos on here and Facebook of my latest 'batch' of zippered coin purses.
And I ended up selling 4 and taking orders for more!
So, guess what I will certainly be doing today, and probably all weekend?  lol

So... after my morning jobs... it will be straight into the studio and sewing more coin purses. 
Oh and I shall have to pop down to Spotlight for more freakin zips!  


11.36 am:  So I'm in the studio, cutting out more coin purses, and I see Lacy arrive.  She can't see me cos the studio windows are tinted.
So, I duck down behind a table and wait.

Heee heee, she comes in, doesn't see me and goes off looking for me.

I text her "I might be playing Hide N Seek"...and turn me phone sound off.
Yep, she tried to ring me.  I swipe CANCEL.

So she has to hunt for me.  Luckily for me (it wasn't comfy on the floor), she found me pretty quickly.

Fun over.

I  gave her a job:

ABOVE:  I must be a visual person, cos I needed samples of the fabric colours on the front of the scraps bins, to make it quicker to see where to put scraps.  So Lacy did that for me.  So much easier now.  Thanks Lacy.

She's now gone home and I'm taking a little break before I start cutting out more.

4 pm:  And I spent a good two hours cutting out 10 more Kiwiana coin purses, then I sewed up 6 and now... I'm calling time on sewing for the day.

I've got a stiff neck, but otherwise just fine.  I decided to put the Air con on in the studio today... OMLord, what a difference that made.  I didn't over heat and feel sick like yesterday.

I just hope it doesn't bump up the power bill too much!  Not that I will use the air con every day, just when I know I will be in there for a long time and it's particularly hot.

Today is particularly HOT.  *smiles*

At 5 I will get some chicken drumsticks in the oven for dinner... to be had with a nice stir fry vege mix.

Stew arrived home at 6 pm, and WHOOPS!  I had got distracted by messages and yakking with our son Mike over Messenger and hadn't got dinner on.

So, into the oven went the chicken, and into the pool Stew and I went.
It was a wonderful way to cool down and relax before dinner.

And dinner was yum, and then we relaxed in front of the telly... me to watch Coronation Street, and Stew to watch sport in the lounge.

Now?  Bedtime.


  1. It's all looking great Chris! I'd definitely put a fence/gate up so the metre reader can access. Did you know that you have the option (usually) to self read the metre? You just read the metre yourself and notify them but I still think a barrier is better because then the dogs won't bother anyone walking past - well that is when they bark but you have the bark collars on at the moment.

    1. Actually the bark collars have been off for well over a week cos they only stopped them barking for a couple of days! Then they just barked anyway. Total water of time.

    2. Ah, well then definitely put an extra fence up! How about using that gate you bought or is that to be put somewhere else?

  2. Will that grass stiffen up? So it doesn't go flat when someone walks on it? I know nothing of these issues!

  3. Ask about remote readers. I think thats what they're called....We have one and the meter reader person just scans a black knobby thing on our porch. It didn't cost us anything.

  4. Grass looks fantastic.

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    no worries 😊 always happy to help 😊
    #Lacy 💙

  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Funniest thing I have heard today lol smoking hot here again today thank goodness for air conditioning at work! George's Mum.

  7. What a good idea with the fabric. I keep my yarn in see-through containers for the same reason.

    1. I saw yarn were now best friends haha I also keep my yarn in clear boxs it keeps moths out and keep them all tidy.

    2. I'm in, Bex!

  8. Your grass looks so lush!!!

  9. Kiwionholidays9:07 PM

    So jealous of that green grass and the fast way it grew
    Looks heaps better than turf but must say after long awaited rain it’s all greening back up after dying off with drought n fires

    Loveall your Kiwianav stuff
    Hope they sell like hot cakes
    Loving all the pics n vids

    Cheers 🥂

  10. Kiwionholidays12:08 AM

    Oops Kiwiana stuff , don’t know how the v snuck in there

  11. Wow the grass grew very quickly. I've never had success trying to grow grass. Have a relaxing weekend.

  12. The lawn has come in lovely!


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