Wednesday, December 06, 2017


Today is the day I've been sort of dreading, but looking forward to as well.
Both the puppies are getting a full groom this morning.

Coco is too.  They all go to the groomer at 10 am, and I expect them to be there for at least 3 hours, if not longer.

I took yet another little video, this time of the pups before their groom.  It's so much easier than trying to get them to keep still for a photo!

ABOVE:  BEFORE their groom.

When they come home I will get an AFTER video, they are going to look  SO DIFFERENT!

While they are at the groomers I will pop home and do some sewing, then I have a Christmas Lunch to attend with some of the Cards Group.

That should be fun.

So, it's a full morning/midday for me.
It works out great as the groomer is over the same side of town as the lunch venue.  All going well the dogs will be ready to pick up just after we finish lunch.  Well, I hope so anyway.


I just had a very scary experience.  So did Coco.
I clipped her into the back seat of the car to travel to the groomers.  (pups were in travelling cases).

As it was stinking hot, I lowered all the windows, Coco was loving being able to stand up and stick her head out the window!  She was on the shortest lead possible, which was VERY FORTUNATE as...

OUR ESCAPE ARTIST decided to jump out of the car! While we were travelling!

OMG I nearly died on the spot.  I jammed on the brakes, jumped out of the car, ran around the side and grabbed my dangling dog and threw her back in through the window!

LUCKILY the guy in the car behind me saw what was happening and he stopped in time, and didn't run into the back of me!

Lesson learnt.  NEVER EVER lower the window enough for Coco to climb out.  Totally forgot she can climb over just about anything!  Seriously.

4.30 pm:  Lunch was just lovely!  Met up with about a dozen ladies from the walking group and Cambridge Connections at the Cafe at St Kilda.  Lovely place.  Lovely food and service.

Got the text from the groomer just as I was about to leave, talk about perfect timing.

Picked up the dogs, was very polite to the groomer, but really wasn't happy.

ABOVE:  It's a very patchy groom, some places shorter than others, and their faces/heads?  Nope, not happy.

right.... As it was her first time grooming the pups all over, I am giving her a free pass this time.  As Stew said, they are wriggly little puppies, very hard to do an 'excellent' job.  If the groom is still not that good next time we will change groomers.

In the video I said their next groom was at the end of February, that's wrong, it's end of January.  So not that long till the next groom.

It's been a quiet evening, as per usual really.  Stinking hot inside, I had the air conditioning on for most of the afternoon and it's STILL 30 degrees inside.  Seriously, it's cooler outside!

Not looking forward to going to bed.  So hot.


  1. Omg u would have got such a fright

  2. Jesus Coco - are you trying to give your Mum a flipping heart attack!!!!!

    I hope the rest of your day is far less eventful :-)

  3. OMG! Quite the scary story! Yikes!

  4. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Hope the heart rate has decreased! Can't wait to see the new "dos" George's Mum

  5. Anonymous4:49 PM

    The puppies are too cute..they look happy with you playing with there hair! lol


  6. I had one of my pups do the same thing one time years ago- Horrible lesson to learn! The pups are so cute.

  7. It’s all different lengths. Is it meant to be? They still look cute though. I’d take them back and say you’re not satisfied.

  8. If you are not happy you need to tell them. You paid for a service and you didn't get what you wanted. No need to be upset, just calmly tell them you are not happy - it's their business after all.

  9. Those babies are gorgeous. But if you hadn't posted the 'before' video, you wouldn't know they'd been groomed. I agree with Lynda, take them back and ask them to finish the job!

  10. The pups look good. If there is something you want changed - tell them. I am sure they would rather fix it than lose your business. How did Coco turn out? They probably wanted to "take it easy" on the pups for their first groom. You want it to be a positive experience even if they look a bit choppy.

  11. We got our border collie x shawn last week. If you think your puppies look bad (they don't by the way, still cute) you should see him. He was a really shaggy hair dog. Now he's bald. And it's all uneven, patchy, she's missed bits, gone to skin on others. It's really bad! But, he was really restless and hated it so I can't really blame her. He looks terrible, poor bloke! Haha!

  12. Might have to rename her Houdini!! How scary... Shame the groom not up to par.,,,


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