Sunday, December 03, 2017


I've been having some fun working out MFP, yesterday I couldn't get the food tracker to register my cheese as a protein.

So I talked (via text) with Lynda and she sorted that issue out for me.  Thanks Lynda.  Great help.

I'm totally on track so far... got all the percentages worked out FOR ME, and so far it's been fairly easy to keep within them.

I am not going to be using 'Exercise' to enable me to eat more.  I never have done that.
So, I won't be tracking my exercise on the app at all.


Bex, Brylee and I went for a very late walk last night, once the temperature had dropped.

ABOVE:  The first 'walk' I've done in 5 months that wasn't a FBG one.  Probably be doing heaps of them now, as most of the FBG ones are not at a good time for me.  Bit sad cos I will miss seeing my FBG girlfriends.

Can't be helped though... summer time heat means late night walks for me.

Bex and the boys will be going home sometime today, not sure when.  Not that it matters really.
Their time away has given Steve a chance to do some maintenance work on their current home,  without little boys under foot.

So... time to get moving and do something...


I found our bright strip lighting the other day, it used to be in the old Britto Cabinet.  And I pondered where to put it.

Then it came to me just before:

ABOVE:  How cool is that!  'Hollywood' lights around me bathroom mirror.

And I forgot to show you how my lounge looked yesterday...

ABOVE:  The kids in their 'tent'.  It's actually our beach sun shelter... it looks enormous in the lounge!  Not so big on the beach funnily enough.

Nearly lunchtime here, which is good cos I'm just a bit hungry.

OK... where is everyone?  If you are not here leaving me a nice comment, you BETTER be having a darn good time somewhere in the sun!  Or snow, where ever you are!

Keera and I have been outside in the sun, under the sprinkler even!  So warm today.  I bought some new togs (swimmers)... they fit on the top but are a bit baggy on the bottom.  Such a pain.

But I'm only ever going to wear them here at home, so it doesn't matter.

Poor Stew and Griffin had a shit job to do this evening.  But, after much hunting and sweating, they found all the Christmas decorations and trees up in the attic space.

The day is finally cooling down... winding down time.  Watching the final of Trust Me, it's been a good series.  


  1. I agree with you in the walks. Best done when the heat is tolerable. Love the sun shade in the family room :) making memories with your grands is priceless.

  2. Yes where is ev the out into the gardeneryone? I have just got home from work and sitting having a coffee. Glad you are finding your new tracking is working for you.

    1. That was meant to read where is everyone. ...sitting having a coffee (honest!) then out into the garden.

  3. You are a clever sewer... take those togs in! No need to put up with baggy swimwear :)

  4. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Just caught up on your posts after a few days away. Love the variety of your days and variation on the subjects
    Your "Hollywood lights"are awesome Good on Bex giving you a hand ..and the sunshade/tent The youngies wouldve had a ball memories to treasure for all of you

    Love that idea

    Love the blue and red combo in the bathroom gr8 together..

    Heard from others re the temps nth n sth atm ,,,,and its lovely that Summer has got there at last..


  5. I love the tent thingy. Ideal for the kids. I'm still sorting my crap. Decided to move my bedroom into the sunny room and make the backroom the spare bed/craft room while still having my sewing area in the lounge. But it's one of those things I wish I'd never started! Lol

    1. You only have to move ONE thing for it to spiral out of control! Just ask Stew what happens when I say I want to move something! lol Good luck sorting it all out.

  6. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Weather has been too crap to go outside, I haven’t even been out to check the hot house. I have been sewing today, making a bucket hat for a 1 year old and pressing fabric for a quilt for a baby due in 3 weeks.

  7. Enjoy your summer!

  8. That was such a clever idea Hollywood lights rope ..


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