Tuesday, December 12, 2017


I knew I shouldn't... but I did.

I climbed back onto the kitchen bench.  Yep.
There were these lights I found, and I wanted to hang them in the kitchen window, right?

Well that entailed climbing on the bench.

I was ever so careful, seriously careful.

And I still got hurt!

But I didn't fall off the bench this time... I stepped down onto the little wooden stool, which weighs quite a lot, and knocked it over onto me big toe!

Did do some colourful swearing, and ended up with a throbbing toe for me efforts.  *grrrr*

But, the lights look lovely:

ABOVE:  They had to go there ... cos they are blue and wouldn't have looked 'right' in the lounge.  So pretty.

After Keera is at a school, Brylee and I are off to Aqua Fit.  I hope to do half a dozen laps of swimming/walking afterwards too.
Missing the regular walking with the FBG's.  Shame it's wound down to just the odd social walk now.

I will try to get a few late night walks in myself somehow.

Keera slept well last night, no waking up all upset.  Thank goodness.

ABOVE:  A gorgeous dessert from last night, simple but effective.  I love the dish it's in!

*** Just. So. You. Know.   ... I do have more plans for our 'fireplace', but they are still in my head.  And not likely to be done right now as there is no hurry,  I have what I want FOR NOW.  I really don't need any more ideas, I have more than enough of my own! lol ***

I've no other plans for today once we get home from the pool.  YET.


10.28 am: And home again.
The pool was MUCH COOLER today! 
Overnight some hooligans broke into the pool complex and threw all the BBQ tables into the pool, and put the hoses into the pool and turned them on.
So the pool was certainly much colder.  When the sun went behind a cloud it was really cold!

But, a good workout was had by all and I'm looking forward to Thursday to do it all again.

I've done a mental check of Christmas presents, and need to get just a few more,  so Brylee and I are going out shortly to do that.

Once home from that I think I will be doing a bit of housework and mucking around in the house.  No big projects ahead now for a while.

2.00 pm:  My god the days are going by so fast!  One minute it's like 9 in the morning, and then... friggin 2 pm!
Been to town.  Got shit...  stuff I needed.
Got some paper painted last night... like at 1 am (yikes)... with a look in mind.

Did a bit of work with white paint just now... and this is a mock up of how the fireplace MIGHT look down the track...

ABOVE:  I need to work on the proportions... it looks a bit too 'set back' ... but that's an easy fit.  This is just PAPER ... if Stew likes it and I work on the design some more, I will do it in wood eventually.

Hot. Crabby.  Feet swelling in the heat.  Ate too much dinner.  Now feel sick.
Signing off for the day, got to get me feet up.


  1. Good morning Chris :) I should have realised you have more plans for the fireplace - great to have it done now and still a work in progress. I'll say no more and wait in anticipation for what is to come next!! Damn it's getting hot though... it's going to be a long hot summer for sure.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Send one of the kids up there to put up your lights...their bones will heal faster! :D Cranky

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    WOW that fireplace is looking amazing Chris - you are one talented lady!

    Lisa aka pinky

  4. In our house, your painted mock up would be better than our final attempt... LOL! Love it. Your creative vision is awesome. And I might use that desert fruit/chocolate bowl idea for Xmas day!

  5. That white paper over the top COMPLETELY changes that fire place!! That along with the black background. I'm not sure what the white pattern is though?? You could also bring in the sides a little ie, white down each side as well. Fantastic idea doing a mock up - it will look like a real fireplace before long.

  6. Lights scrummy food gorgeous photos.....


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