Tuesday, June 13, 2017


First thing this morning we are heading off on a big road trip.

Right to the top of the North Island of our lovely country.   Right up to Cape Reinga.

We have never been there, so it's going to be rather special.

The locals have told us to pack our own food for the day as there is bugger all in the way of shops/amenities right up there, so we will be stopping at Kerikeri to get supplies for the day.

We are in no hurry, so will make it a full day's trip... checking out various places on the way up.

This is one highlight of this trip away, something I've wanted to do for a very long time.

And best to do it without kids in tow, they would have been bored shitless.

So... time to get out of bed and make a move...


Word of the day...SAND DUNE ISH.


ABOVE:  Coopers Beach, Doubtless Bay.  Amazingly gorgeous place.

ABOVE:  Rather funky old, derelict house.

ABOVE: I was born in Tokoroa, in the central North Island.  I never knew there was an island of the same name anywhere in New Zealand!
How amazing that on one of the detours we took on our way up north, was to the very place where this island was!

ABOVE: You can't really tell, but that white strip in the distance is pure white sand.  Stunning.

ABOVE:  So much of the land up north looks like it's made of sand... I kept saying "sand-dune-ish".... funny to us... you had to be there really.  lol

ABOVE AND BELOW:  I stood on the road at Cape Reinga... took 10 steps to the left and got a photo of the west coast, then took 10 steps to my right and took a photo of the east coast!
I found that amazing.

ABOVE:  The water was so beautiful, I didn't really want to leave.

ABOVE:  What can I say to sum up Cape Reinga?
No other words.

There was quite a walk down to the lighthouse... the walk back up was tiring!  But so, so worth it.  
We were so very lucky with the weather... stunning the whole day.

ABOVE:  90 mile beach... AMAZING.

ABOVE:  Kaitaia... a poor, neglected boat on the side of the road.  If I had the money and time I would have bought her.  

Our day was so very special.  I loved the trip up to the far north, so glad we did it.  The roads were amazing, I had expected them to be sub-standard, but they were excellent.

The scenery, particularly along the coast road was awesome.  There were plenty of places to stop and eat if we had wanted to (clearly the lady in Paihia was wrong on that one).

I thoroughly recommend every New Zealander does this trip, see your own country... it's so worth it.

It has taken me two hours !!! to upload these photos as the internet keeps dropping off here at the motel.  So, no bloody captions.. I'm done for the day.

Catch you tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Good Morning :) hope you have a wonderful day xx #2

  2. Have fun - I've not been up there either so will have to do what you are doing one day!!

  3. Have another great day :-)

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Looks amazing Chris (& Stew)!! So glad you are having an amazing time away :- :-) :-)

  5. So glad you're having such a great time away with stew.

  6. Awesome to hear that you're having a blast :)

  7. wow, great pix!! soooooo glad the weather was nice, it makes a huge difference when checking the sights on a road trip!

  8. Happy you are having a good time. The photographs are amazing, thank you for persevering posting.
    I'm excited to see pics of your cruise tomorrow. You sure live in a truly beautiful country.

  9. Fantastic photos. So glad you're enjoying your well earned couple break.

  10. Looks amazing... you MUST get away on your own more often, life is just too short to not enjoy times like this!

  11. Funny tokoroa island.... Lovely pics beautiful sunny day. Can't wait to see tomorrow's adventure....

    1. Yeah.. I was born in Tokoroa.. central North Island! I didn't even KNOW there was an island with the same name till we got to that bay! Must have been fate I ended up there today.

  12. Beautiful photos. Glad to hear you are enjoying your travels.

  13. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Gorgeous photos!!! Marianne in Orlando, FL

  14. I said the drive was worth it to the Cape, been there twice now. There's something really special about it. Make sure you bring a brochure of that cruise for me, that sounds great. Enjoying the photos, I love it up Norf!! xx

  15. What a fantastic day out, thanks for sharing. Hope to make it up there one day.

  16. How beautiful ❤️❤️


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