Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I had a headache all day yesterday.
Not sure why, but maybe the new pillow had something to do with it.

Still have a bit of a headache actually, but a couple of pills will knock that on the head hopefully.

I'm going to head into Hamilton today, I need to do a mini grocery shop, and also try and find some fabric to make a tablecloth for my Mum.

She bought some fabric while she was over here, and wants it made into a tablecloth, but it needs borders ... so guess who gets to do it?  Yep.

I was quite happy with my weigh in last night, but know that I need to be careful this week... as sometimes bad eating can catch up with you!
I'm going to track the shit outta what I eat, that always helps.
And get back into some active exercise.

I heard about a walking group at WW last night, so am going to investigate that today.  It organised by a group called (get this) :  The Fat Bottomed Girls!
Sounds like my sorta group  *smiles*.


I joined the group!  My first walk will be on Thursday, early evening.  I will talk about it more later.  For now... off to get some groceries.

2.11 pm:  Well I have done the grocery shopping, and it wasn't that bad today.  Getting less than a 'normal' shop sure helped.

 ABOVE:  This is the fabric Mum bought.  I went to Spotlight to get some matching border fabric, but I didn't end up getting any today... I got, ummm.... sidetracked:

ABOVE:  I bought WOOL!
Pretty, pretty wool.  Let's see if what I have in mind for it works.

So it has been a quiet afternoon and evening.  I started knitting, it took me over an hour to cast on 50 stitches and do ONE row!
I will show you how it's going once I've done a few more rows.

Signing off for the day now... nervous about tomorrow.
I'm posting something I really didn't want to post about.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Good Morning Ma hope ya get rid of that headache and have a semi relaxed but productive day :)

  2. Fat Bottomed Girls - brilliant!!!!! I go to a yoga class called Fat Yoga 😀

  3. I love the name of the walking group ... very creative! I hope your headache doesn't linger long. Have a good day.

  4. Hope your head feels better! I track every bite of food on SparkPeople ...it's a pain but keeps me on track!

    1. Yeah, tracking works. I just need to remember to do it. It's so easy to forget stuff ya put in your mouth during the day!

    2. I find the easiest way to track is to have a small notebook & pen handy, digital stuff always seems too much like hard work to faff about opening apps, typing stuff in. A notebook with the day/date & a list of what you ate. Keep it in your handbag when you are out and on the kitchen bench at home. Also, tell the family you are tracking and ask them to make sure you are recording everything - believe me you might "forget" a biscuit but the eagle eyed kids don't miss a trick.

  5. Love the name of the group, we had a sewing group by that name, but then it got changed to Fat Quarter Girls. Ope tour headache goes away.

  6. Love the wool although the cream one on the right does look a lot like udon noodles :-)

  7. I love the wool colors. What are you planning? Whatever it is , it will look neat with the textures and widths of the different yarns.

  8. I forgot to mention... I like your moms fabric too. It has a traditional. feminine, vintage, feel to it.

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    lol love the name of your group ,i do hope you feel better soon,not nice having re occurring headaches,love your buys from spotlight,hope you had a lovely day xx

  10. Very cool colours 😍😍😍 I can see a blanket with those cool needles. Can't wait to see what you make.

  11. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I'll come with ya if I can walk with the 'fat bottomed girls' !!! Haha.

    1. If you live in Cambridge ... you can! You just have to join the Fat Bottomed Girls Facebook Group, join one or more of the walking groups and go for it!

  12. Brilliant walking group name love it..... I like the fabric reminds me of my nana. Hope you sleep better and get your headache under control.....


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