Friday, June 02, 2017


Today is going to be a first for Keera.
She has her first School Visit!

She's only going for a couple of hours today, but still... it's a big step for a little girl.

She has a school visit EVERY Friday from today until the end of the term, which increase in time till she's attending full days.  Then she will be starting school full time next term.

As I mentioned last night, Stew and I got the sewing room done last night...

 ABOVE:  Stew putting the big hessian board on the wall.  

 ABOVE:  Before sorting it all out.

 ABOVE:  One side done...

ABOVE:  The other side *smiles*.  My ideas/ufo wall.  It sure looks better now... I love having colour around me.

Well.. time to get moving.  As I don't have to rush off to Kindy with Keera this morning, it will be a nice lazy morning.


The teacher asks Keera a question.... Keera TOTALLY ignores her... won't even look at her. Gone all shy.  Keeps asking me when can she go outside and play?

ABOVE:  On our way to the classroom this morning, we passed by this cute little playhouse in the play ground.  Keera wanted to stop and play in it, like NOW.

Ah No Keera, you have to go to class.  

So, the whole time she's in class, she keeps looking at me and asking me if she can go and play in the playhouse?

NOPE.  You have to stay here and do what the teacher tells you.  *sigh*  *sigh*  *sigh* from Keera.

 ABOVE:  She reluctantly does what she's told, and listens to a story, does some singing, learns the letter 'L', and colours in a lion's face.

Then it's 'free' time... so again, she wants to go and play in the bloody playhouse.  AGAIN, I say NO.

So the little imp goes over to the teacher ... remember that's the person she refused to even look at, let alone talk to... and she asks her in a big voice, CAN I GO AND PLAY IN THE PLAYHOUSE?

The teacher said NO too.  So what does Miss Muppet do?

Bursts into tears and wants to go home.  But it's not home time.  So I settle her down and we sit on the mat for the 'home time' routine.

And then we leave... the long way, so we don't have to walk past that freakin' playhouse!

I took her to McDonalds for lunch as a treat for being a good girl.  And I ate a pie and now I feel ikkk.

It's now almost 2 pm.  Where has the day gone?

So, didn't get much else done for the rest of the day... except fold washing and cook dinner.
Which was a 'silly bugger dinner'... sausages, bacon, spagetti, baked beans and hot buns.

Watched tv for the rest of the evening, and played a jig saw on me lap top.  So nice and quiet.

Totally knackered and ready for bed now.


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Hope you have a good 'first visit' at School today Keera xxx xx love from Mummy xx

  2. wow a school visit - how exciting.

    1. For Keera maybe.... this is the 10th primary school I've been at with a kid of ours. I'm actually OVER IT. ☆smiles☆

    2. You're an awesome Grandma and very experienced and school visits!

  3. can't wait to hear how she got on.

  4. Keera will get used to the school and the routine, that is why they do the school visits these days so it is not so big & scary on their first official day. New Entrant teachers are used to dealing with nervous wee kiddies and I am sure she will be Miss Keera's favourite person in no time.

  5. Wow school visits already. Getting big now keera. Routine Routine Routine.

  6. Keera sounds so smart! One track mind and some determination there, it will get her far. Just tough for you right now though.

  7. Wow school visits that playhouse will be her nemesis ! Sewing room looking fab you will be back in there in no time...


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