Friday, June 16, 2017


So sometime today Bex and the boys are heading home.

We can't thank Bex enough for taking such good care of the kids and our home for us.  She has just had a taste of things to come (more kids)! lol

I was so impressed to arrive home to an immaculate home, well fed kids, dinner on the table, and no washing to be done!  *smiles*

Not to forget Steve, who drove down and attended a special meeting he had called at Griffin's school.  Griffin was being bullied, and Steve sorted it out for us in our absence.

We hope that issue will die down now and Griffin can carry on at his school without any more problems.

I will be spending this morning getting our personal washing done, then just relaxing probably.  We have had some really tiring days away... but we thoroughly enjoyed our time away.

Here's a few photos of the stuff we got while away, not much this trip away!

 ABOVE:  We got Brylee her first make up... just the basics but a good start for her.  She SQUEALED with delight!  That made me smile.  Now I have to show her how to apply it.

 ABOVE:  we got Griffin an 'adult' watch, something he wanted.

Both big kids got a special gift as a 'Thank You' for helping Bex with the little kids and doing jobs for her too.

AND they are just lovely kids, 'almost' all the time. *smiles*

 ABOVE: Poor Bex just got some wool!  lol

 ABOVE:  I found these wooden things in a random shop in Wellsford.  Perfect for holding almost empty bottles upside down, so you can drain the last of the contents out.  Rather nifty!

 ABOVE: I fell in love with this pottery Tuatara in a shop in Paihia.  

 ABOVE: Some cute fabric, to make a bag... from Whangarei.  The only fabric I bought the entire trip away!

 ABOVE:  I ummmm.... added to my melamine tray collection!  I think these four make my total over 40?  I really must add them up... later.

ABOVE:  This was the first thing I bought on our trip up north.  It's already in the garden.

OK... I'm off to get my washing on and make a start on our day.


Awesome!  Bex kept the little kids down the other end of the house this morning, so Stew and I got to lie in bed late again.  Love it.

I took a wander outside:

 ABOVE:  Stew adjusting the wind whirlygig... it was a bit twisted up.

 ABOVE:  The new flower feature... isn't it pretty?

 ABOVE:  Seriously???  Still got strawberries growing!

I counted my melamine trays...

 ABOVE:  I have.... 48 PLUS one in the garage that Coco uses.    
I also have over half a dozen larger ones, but let's only count these ones eh?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  These two new ones are my new favourites.  The shell one... *drool*.
This lot has taken about 10 years to collect, I don't buy every one I have ever seen, just ones that I like ... or are dead cheap in an op shop.
edit:  feeling cheeky... if ya ever see one ya know I'd love... feel free to send it to me!  

 ABOVE:  Apparently I missed including the lipstick in the photo!  So... a new photo was insisted upon by Miss Brylee!

ABOVE:  Not much.. but OMG it sure added up!  She can buy her own from now on  *smiles*

So.... looking at my trays and Oops!  I see we now have two Cape Reinga trays, don't know how that happened.  I bought one in Paihia the other day without realising we already had one obviously.
I've got a few other double ups, but that's OK.

I've spent the afternoon tidying up paperwork, trying to get a system going where I don't end up with papers here, there and bloody everywhere!  I'm sick of it piling up on me coffee tables and computer desk in the family room.  *sigh*

Apart from that, I have been trying to catch up on some of my taped TV programmes.  
Bex and the boys left after lunch, so the noise levels have gone down, *smiles*.

Stew had to pop into Hamilton to do some business for a family member, then he took Griffin out to a local business, with the hope they will give him a part time job on the weekends.

He is looking for work experience in the building sector... so fingers crossed he gets a job soon.

Time to sign off for the day... it's been a nice day at home.


  1. I love reading your blog! Happy Friday x

  2. Glad you enjoyed your little holiday. Great photos of the north of our little country. How wonderful to come home to everything done-well done to Bex. Love the look on that Tuataras face. Hope it all settles for Griffin.

  3. Wow what lovley gifts for the kids.

  4. Glad you had a great time away :-) Love you Mum XO

  5. What a great way to come home! No mess! I haven't had that happen lol.

  6. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Good shit you and Pop enjoyed your break :) and we loved getting a few visits form you guys, from Us and Misha and Whiskey xx

  7. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Have you seen this website Chris? He made my parents gates which are fantail cut outs.Looks amazing!

    1. I went and had a look... yep... really nice, particularly the cutouts on the fence.

  8. Wicked gifts and I'm so glad you had a good holiday.

  9. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Haha go Miss B xx #2

  10. Bex is awesome!!!! Also, I love the choice of lipstick for B. I have a few of that type and they are great. J

  11. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Sounds like you have a lovely time. I hope Griffin is ok he seems such a kind guy.


  12. Glad Steve got the bullying sorted a d you hear no more of it.
    I need u in Chch for a week to help me shift and de clutter my life Hun
    Sounds like your break was a blast xx

  13. Love all your little trays.... I have two... and they're both the same!

  14. I want one of those sauce things, I am forever leaving them on the bench propped up where they get knocked over 😀

    1. I shall ask Steve to knock a few up ... and I'll get one for you.

    2. That would be awesome 😀😀😀

  15. Wow what lovely gifts for all. Bex I would love to come home to dinner washing and immaculate house swoon might be a good job prospect. Love love the tuatara love the poppies. Griffin part time work WOW GROWING UP , how awesome building apprentice maybe ask the school about gateway ? That's at our college (work placement) , how responsible Brylee and Griffin are becoming.

    1. Yes, Gateway is really good if they have it at school, Siobhan does it. A lot of the kids end up with job offers from the work experience through Gateway.

  16. Always wonderful to come home to a clean house. Your house sitter is a keeper. Have a lovely weekend.


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