Sunday, June 04, 2017


This morning we have a dear friend from Wellington visiting.
She came up to attend the wedding, funnily enough, of the two guys who had their engagement party a couple of weeks ago, that we attended!

Karen worked with Stew when we lived in Palmerston North, she lived there at the time too. 

She's still with the same company as Stew, but she now lives and works in Wellington.

She is up with a friend of her's, and they are going to be visiting us this morning.

I wonder how Steve is feeling this morning, after getting rather pissed last night?  hee hee... bet he's hung over and feeling sorry for himself!   Wine does that to ya.

There's a few jobs to do around the house today too... but I'm wondering if we will even get to them?  Time will tell.


Well... Steve does not have a hangover.  Lucky bastard.
I get one after even one glass of wine!  

I'm making scones for lunch today, I've not made them in quite a while... so am looking forward to them.  

It may be a stunning sunny day today, but there is a right chill in the air. 

Well our visitors arrived and we have had a lovely time chatting.
The scones for lunch were perfect, I felt a bit sorry for Marie, who came up with Karen for the wedding. She was on Jenny Craig, so didn't have any scones.  I felt rather guilty cooking,  then eating them in front of her!

But, she stuck to her resolve and I have to give her kudos for that!

 ABOVE:  Karen, Marie and Coco.  Lovely ladies, and so nice to catch up with Karen after many years of not seeing her.

 ABOVE:  Just some happy family snaps.

 ABOVE:  I said to Bex "Shit, lift your head up, I can see ya double chin"...   so she did this:

ABOVE:  I think that's worse!  lol
She's gunna hate me for posting those photos! 

Looking forward to a quiet evening... kids in bed... BLISS.  *smiles*  They have been good today though.

Signing off... looking forward to tomorrow as it's a holiday, and that means Stew is home.  


  1. He might be a bit seedy later it's cold rai here today I feel sorry for the chch marathon organizers competitors and the poor marshals standing I the freezing weather. I've done the race 3 times and it was only fine once. The other idiot event on down here this wkend is the brass monkey motorbike rally they go to what is known to be the coldest place in nz and camp in tents etc ll stay home out f the weather
    Enjoy your wkend wit the boys

  2. Said with huge sarcasm Oh look at that photo of keera and Bex is so clear how u loved and neglected she is gonna be when she is living with them. I bet anonymous doesn't have any smart remark

  3. Glad Steve and Bex enjoyed themselves yes lucky Steve didn't have a hangover cause 3 energetic young ones would certainly be painful to ones headache lol.... Gorgeous photos of all.

  4. It was soo awesome to see you and your family. Can't believe how much Griffin has grown since last March. We both enjoyed the visit. Maree is one determined lady. Wish I could be disciplined. Love to you all Chris.


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