Friday, June 30, 2017


Today is Keera's first full day at school.
It is still just a 'visit'... but a full day!

So, trying out the new routine today.
Drop the big kids off at their school first, then backtrack and drop Keera off at her school.
Then home.

I don't have a walk booked in today.  I still need a 'rest day' here and there!
Last night I was terrified I was going to get shin splints... it felt like they were about to go.

Thankfully they didn't.   The last time I got shin splints I was off walking for a couple of years.

I wonder if the cold is causing them to niggle?  Anyone know if the cold can aggravate them?  (ya shins)

Once I'm home from the school drop offs, I'm sewing.  I've now got 8 mug rugs ready to sew up.   Then there's my Mum's tablecloth next.
Of course, I've got about a dozen other projects to finish after that too.

I'm really looking forward to getting some sewing done... it's been a while!


9.45 am: Not done much so far this morning, savouring the quiet. *smiles*
Off to do some sewing now.  It's another beautiful winter's day out there, the sun is finally peeping through the dullness.

Well it's been quiet around here today.
I ended up washing floors, and doing a bit of housework.
And some sewing, but not much.

Tonight is going to be an easy dinner... left overs!  Score.  I don't have to cook.

Keera had an excellent day, and seems to have enjoyed herself.  She's keen to go back, so that's good.

ABOVE: Oh sorry Darling, but I commandeered the little white shelving unit for this purpose.  Now shoes won't end up dumped all over the floor at the front door entrance.  TIDY... gotta be TIDY. *smiles*

I've spent the entire evening sewing.. it was wonderful.
Helps to have the TV in there too, so I didn't miss Coronation Street!  lol
Stew enjoyed getting the TV in the family room all to himself too I'm sure.

Time to sign off ... another walk looms tomorrow morning.


  1. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I hope you have a really neat first full day at School Keera xx #2

  2. Enjoy your quiet day at seem like those are few and far between.

  3. Hope Keera loves her first full day.

    I had shin splints years ago and then developed plantar fasciitis which was agony. I have been told that proper stretching is the way to prevent both ... maybe google some stretches specifically for shin splints? Good on you for all your walking and what a great way to get to know the neighbourhood.

  4. Hope Keera has a wonderful day, good luck with the sewing.

  5. Glad miss muppet had good day at school guess she is tired and full of excitement

  6. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I remember having shin splints after exercise classes when I was younger I think that went away fairly quickly.

    I have had plantar fasciitis quite a few times and that took a very long time to go make sure the arches of your feet are very well supported. I am a nurse and all the walking did it.


  7. As others have said - make sure you do some warm up stretches and don't try to walk too fast. Ive found in the past the combination of concrete/bitumen and trying to go faster than I should - i.e. Fitness level has dropped or not warmed up enough will start the dreaded niggle. I just back right off on the speed for a while. But congratulations on getting walking again.


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