Saturday, June 24, 2017


Sore hips or not, I'm heading off on my third section of the Fat Bottomed Girls - Urban Challenge this morning!

And it's quite a long walk today by the look of it...

ABOVE:  Section D encompasses all the streets above.  Doesn't look too bad, till you realise that you have to walk up and down BOTH sides of every street/crescent/place and shared driveways!  So, it adds up.

I will tell you how far it was once I get home.  I'm hoping it's not 7 kms!

The walk is at 9.30 am, so at least I don't have to rush.
It's supposed to be raining, so might have to wear a peak so I don't get too wet in the face.  I don't mind getting wet though, it will help keep me cool.

We are expecting Steve, Bex and the boys this afternoon.  Steve has been missing us, so that's why they are coming down. Awwww.
He can watch the friggin rugby with Stewy tonight... 'man bonding and all that'!  lol


3.20 pm:  Well I would have updated sooner, but after I got home from my walk, we had visitors arrive... so couldn't.

The walk.  Was 5.83 kms long... it nearly killed me!  I felt like I was going to die after only 10 minutes,  but pushed through the pain (fuck that sounds so derrrr), and got it done.
If I'd not been with other people I would have sat down and rang Stew to come and take me back to my car!

Seriously, my hips/calves and feet were so sore.

ANYWAY... I did it and am hoping my body is recovered by Monday night, when I do the next one.

Martyn, Jacqui and the kids arrived on their way up to Auckland.  So we spent a couple of lovely hours catching up with them.

 ABOVE:  Steve and Martyn chatting... Martyn is the person who got Steve started in the building industry.
Forever thankful he suggested it.

ABOVE:  Jacqui recently had a little operation on her thyroid.  She had a benign tumor removed.  Scary shit.  You could say she had her throat slit!  *smiles*

It was lovely to see them, they are such good friends. 

As I'm totally knackered, I might just have a nana nap... at least dinner is sorted.  I've got pork belly in the oven.  Should be lovely.

Well I didn't have a nap, I had a long, hot soak in the bath instead.  It was lovely.

Dinner was amazing... and Bex baked Apple Crumble for dessert.  I'm now watching TV in the sewing room as the guys are watching freakin' rugby in the Family room, and the boys are in bed in the lounge.

Time to sign off...


  1. You are nearly inspiring me to get back into walking - I still have to get over my fear of neighbourhood dogs though but no excuse to not to up One Tree Hill. Regarding Coronation Street, why don't you watch it recorded (you have Mysky). That way, no adverts and much quicker to watch!! I'm sure that's what most people do now that it's on so late.

  2. Enjoy your walk.

  3. Awesome work on the walk Chris.

  4. Hot bath or at least a hot shower & some anti flame, also a rest day tomorrow.

  5. Oh man! Pork Belly again! I never heard of it before your blog. Now, I am obsessed with finding it but that is nearly impossible where I live!

  6. Well done on your walking Chris ... and persevering through the challenging aspects. Have a lovely evening :)

  7. Well done for perservering with your walk Chris, hopefully it will get easier gor you as you go along.

  8. Well persevering seems to be word of the day.... And inspiring well done.. I watched the rugby too.

  9. Geez that's a bloody big walk, well done for getting through it, I'm very impressed. I have to shift my arse and do a nice big walk tomorrow... try and erase the damage of all the ice cream I just ate... :)

    Clarissa (Tully)

  10. WTG what a great idea for the walks! Makes me want to pull out a map lol


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