Friday, June 23, 2017


Today Keera's school visit is ALL MORNING.
And I get to drop her off and leave her there... I wonder how she will go?
Actually, I'm not going to worry, she is one tough little cookie... she adapts to new places really well.

It helps that there's at least 6 other kids in the class that she knows from her kindergarten.

So, while she's at school, I will come back home and do some boring old housework.  I might even get a row or two of my giant knitting done too.
I didn't get any done yesterday.

I had thought about joining another Urban Challenge walk this morning, but I'm still stiff from last night's effort.  My next walk is going to be tomorrow morning.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


8.52 am:  And the kid is at school. She wouldn't even look at the teacher, let alone speak to her!  Oh well... that's actually normal for Keera in the mornings.  *lol*
I'm sure she will have a lovely morning... once she gets over the fact that she can't go outside and play all morning!  THAT'S the biggest change from Kindy to School... school is structured and the kid can't just do what she wants all the time.

JOY.  Let's see how that works for our Miss Muppet... she's a strong willed little kid.  Could be a few teething issues.

MY HIPS ARE KILLING ME!  OMG so much I'm walking like I need two hip replacements.  Even turning over in bed last night hurt!
They better be much improved by tomorrow morning, or I might not be going on the next walk I've booked in for.  *sniff*

And I'm starving!  I don't usually feel hungry till at least midday.  So, I'm having some eggs on toast.

There's blokes out the front digging up our grass verge, looking for our water main.  The town is getting bloody water meters... just another way to make us pay more in our rates.
We paid for water in Auckland, so I suppose it had to happen here eventually.

One of the blokes just knocked on the door, asking if we knew where our water  main was?  Nah, have never had to turn off the water!  So, it will actually be good to know where it is, ONCE they find it!  I wonder how long it will take for them to find it?

I reckon they are gunna make a huge mess looking.  

ABOVE:  So disappointed.  The birthday present I posted over to our granddaughter Sienna in Australia has been returned.
It took SEVEN weeks to get there, be rejected, and then come back.
Seems it was a muck up with the post office? 

Oh well... Bodhi's birthday is coming up soon, so I shall just have to send it back with his present now.  *sigh*

Sad that Sienna has to wait so long for hers.

The council guys found our water main... I've not been out there yet to see what sort of mess they have made, it's pissing down and well... I'm cold and sore!  Blankie on, pain medication taken... chillin'.

ABOVE:  Well... we lost some agapanthas, don't care about that at all.  And now we can easily find our water main in the event we need to turn it off.  All good!

 ABOVE:  Parked outside the school at lunchtime.  Very cute old car... very old number plate too.

 ABOVE:  Keera going back to her classroom with her buddy after going to the bathroom.  No new kid is allowed to leave the classroom without a buddy.  Excellent idea eh?

 ABOVE:  That amazing tree now... standing on a carpet of gold.  Gorgeous.
Horrible dull day, but not too cold.

 ABOVE:  I ran into this bloke at the Council office, where I was exchanging our old recycling bin for a new one.
He was taking a video for our 'sister town' somewhere overseas.

Awesome camera, a bigger, more expensive Canon than mine, and that lens?
Cost him over $10,000 !  Holy shit.
My lens cost a little over $1,000.

I dream of having a couple more, versatile lenses, but NOTHING like that monster!

Settled down for a quiet afternoon now.  Keera is having a nap, so quiet and peaceful.  My hips are still sore, but not as painful as this morning.  Thank god.

Keera had a very enjoyable morning by the sound of it, even though they were not allowed outside to play (too wet).

FINALLY! I can move without pain!  Still sore, but not hobbling like I'm 93!  I'm making Filo parcels for dinner, filled with Chicken/Onion/Mushroom/Leek/Camembert Cheese and Basil Pesto.  Sound good?

OMG... dinner was amazing!  Best things I've cooked in ages.  Everyone loved them.  I forgot to put the Basil Pesto in, and I think that's lucky cos they didn't need it.
I did have some Caramelised Onion relish and Ploughman's relish on the side too.

Oh and I forgot to take a photo too.  How remiss of me.  Never mind, I'm going to make some more soon enough.

Time to sign off for the day... Coronation Street doesn't start till 10 pm tonight!  Makes for a late night.


  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Morning Guys x #2

  2. You did walk a fair distance, I'd have been stuck to walk that far. Maybe half that distance for a start. Good on you!

  3. Take anti inflammatories for your hips. I get the same thing after excessive exercise. It's a kind of bursitis probably, at least that's what my physio said. Place a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your sides, take the anti inflammatories, and take paracetamol if you need it. Should only last a day or two.

  4. I'm most impressed with your first walk results. I did the 10 k walk here in March, (which actually ended up being 11.4 k) which I did in 2hrs 54.
    Apart from a couple of 3 - 4 kms prior I had done absolutely zilch walking. I got past the 7 k mark and crashed. I couldn't move for about 3 days. Lol all my own fault. I must get my fitbit charged again and start challenging myself to do better every day.

  5. Magnesium tablets are good for sore muscles and joints Mum, and bummer about the parcel, Love you XO

    1. Last time I took a Magnesium tablet I had to sit on the loo for HOURS... so might not do that again!

  6. I get sore hips when I walk as well, bloody annoying.

    Glad Keera had a good day, I think she will love the routine of it when she gets used to it 😀

  7. Busy day! Glad your hips are feeling better!

  8. Your days are always busy and made me tired reading that ... Lovely pic of the golden tree. Glad Keera enjoying her school visits. When does she actually start?


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