Monday, June 26, 2017


Well... it's going to be a fairly busy day today.
First up, I've got my patchwork group meeting.

It's been AGES since I went to a meeting... so it will be nice to catch up with everyone.

Once home, I shall do some housework, then pick up the kids from school/kindy.
Brylee then has to be taken to the Doctor with a sore big toe... ingrown toenail by the look of it.

After that, I have to prepare dinner, then go to Weight Watchers.

I will be leaving Weight Watchers early so I can join up with the Fat Bottomed Girls for the next walk.  

Tonight's walk is Section G, which is 5.24 kms long.  It is going to be easier tonight as it will be COLD.  Saturday's walk the sun came out and I roasted.

After the walk, I will be coming home and having my dinner, then relaxing for the night.

So, a full day!

Photos from last night:

 ABOVE:  Three little honey's playing together nicely.

 ABOVE:  HIS MOTHER told him to do that!

ABOVE:  At least he just smiled at me.

ABOVE:  Making slow progress on my giant knitting... but I want to enjoy doing it bit by bit, and not rush it.


Patchwork... OMG I had so much yakking to catch up on, I hardly got anything done!

But I did do this:

ABOVE:  The start of 4 Mug Rugs for my Mum, she wanted some to match her apron.  Won't take too long to get them on their way to her.

On my way home from Patchwork, I have to pass a little coffee shop on the main road.  It was fairly unpopular as it had hardly any food in it and it was dingy ... well it's changed hands so I decided to stop and check it out.

ABOVE:  It has a new name too.  SLOTH. You can only just see the outline of a sloth on the sign.  Anyway, it's so much nicer inside, and lovely and warm.
But still not a lot of food.  Hopefully if clientele  builds up they will expand their selection.
(dreadful photo taken with me phone)

ABOVE:  Right next to the coffee shop there was a bloke pruning these huge trees, it will make the shop brighter not having them towering overhead and casting huge shadows on the shop.
It was interesting watching him work.

So, I get home to find this little bugger OUTSIDE her area, just sitting by the front door:

ABOVE: You can't really TELL, but she is COVERED IN MUD...  she had dug her way out of the fenced dog area!
And I know Coco, now that she knows she can escape that way, she will do it again and again!

So, now I have to get my thinking cap on and work out how to keep her on the section.  She is an escape artist, so my work will be cut out for me.

Well... it just got too busy for me to get to Weight Watchers tonight! (I will go on Wednesday in Hamilton).

Once we got back from the Doctors, I had to immediately get dinner organised.

I made chicken and vegetable wraps for the family.... they looked darn good too.

Tonight's walk was awesome.  It was a nice distance.  And it was FREEZING COLD... but I was in a thin t-shirt and 2/3rd tights... and was perfectly comfortable.  Everyone else wore long pants, thermals, sweatshirts AND jackets, wool hats and scarves too.   I don't know how anyone can walk with so much on!
Don't they get hot?

Every time we stopped for a couple of ladies to catch up, my glasses fogged up!  I was hot!

But, once home, I cooled down fairly quickly and now... I'm wrapped up in me blankie!

Winding down... time to sign off ... catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Haha keera so wanted to aswell. Happy little kids xx

  2. Cheeky monkey!

  3. gorgeous pix!!....those huge rugs are v v trendy right now in Oz. They are selling for $300 - $400 and more! You could really move them at a market if you wanted to, but I know they take ages to make.

  4. ohh that finger...cheeky monkey...cheeky mummy... !!!!

  5. Concrete along the fence line so Miss Houdini can't escape?

    1. An option if we had masses of spare cash to do it.. the fence line is VERY LONG. And it would be a huge job, one Stew ain't too keen on doing either. But it may come to that eventually.

  6. They need a little bit of colour or a pretty plant outside the Sloth place. It looks like a biker bar or something - needs just a little something more to make it less intimidating. Cute architecture with the little decorative work near the pillars though.

  7. We bought this Tenax pet fence. It is a plastic flexible fence, but is really strong. You can buy a whole elaborate system for this stuff. But we just stapled it to trees and if there was no tree we put up a metal stake and zip-tied it. The stuff is nearly invisible and you can place it so 5 inches or so lay flat on the grass, then use metal garden staples to attach it to the ground (so she can't dig right there). Anyhow, check it out and see if it will work for you. It comes in different heights. from dogs to deer.

    1. Looks like the sort of thing we need... but it doesn't ship to New Zealand. I'm sure we can find something like that here though.

  8. HEHEHE love the photo of the Kids.

  9. How I wish we lived closer. We are so alike......I get sweaty just looking at someone with a sweater on!!! I'd love to do walks with you. Maybe we can start a virtual walking club, no sweat involved!!!

  10. Ohhhh I drove past that the other day .... Those 3 cheeky kids cute as funny.

  11. Speaking of dogs. I have discovered a show called "Downward Dog". IT SEEMS TO BE A NEW SHOW AND I Watched the first episodes on it was great. You would love it. If you can get it in your world, watch one. It might be on Hulu too.


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