Monday, June 05, 2017


We have 'visitors'.

Totally unwanted, loathsome, drive me crazy visitors...

ABOVE:  Goddam nits!
Keera has been scratching a bit lately, and I kept checking her head to no avail.  I could find NOTHING in her hair, no sign of eggs or live louse.

But last night I dragged a nit comb through her wet hair, and found 1 adult louse, and two teeny, tiny, 1st stage nymphs.

So, today first thing it's going to be 'do everyone's hair' time.  I know it's highly unlikely that any of us have caught them, as Keera has only just been 'infected' in the past few days.

But OMG I loath nits!  It's been YEARS since we had anyone with nits in the house.  

Of course, just the thought of nits makes your head itchy!  My head feels like it's got a million of the little fuckers in it!  Mind over matter.  

Once we have all been treated, we are going into Hamilton for lunch, and to return that defective electric blanket.

And that is all the plans I have for now.


10.10 am: One kid de-loused!  And in a week... repeat.
*sigh*   And of course, one has to hope she doesn't come home with more during the week!
THAT would mega piss me off.  And it's happened to us before, many times in fact.

Time to get the teenagers out of bed and check their heads now.  Fingers crossed they are fine.

NITS... and now... SHIT.

WE got home from town to find Coco had spewed by the front door, and shit down the hallway and in our bedroom!  PILES OF SHIT... and not nice and firm either.  GROSS.   Never leaving her inside again, she's gunna be locked in the garage from now on when we go out!

What a ikk day!  And it's pouring with rain and those rain drops feel like little drops of ice.  Brrrrr.   But love it!  lol

Gimme cold any day, said a woman who's had hot flushes for 12 years already!

Time to sign off for the day... get to bed at a 'decent' time for once?  But probably not... I will get engrossed in something on the telly and stay up till after midnight like usual.  Derrr.


  1. Yes, Cole brought a note home from school last week to say there were nits in the class. So far so good but that's reminded me to have another check of his hair! Good luck - these 'new' nits often don't respond to the treatment so you'll need to be vigilant... I know you will be.

  2. Siobhan was forever getting them. The most effective was to get rid of them was to sit her down & manually remove every bit & egg by hand.

  3. My friends first job was working at a place called "The Lice Lady". She had to comb nits out of hair all day every day.

  4. Make sure the school/kindy knows so they can let other parents know. I hate those things!! One of my daughter's feral friends brought them into our house and slept on the couch one night. I ended up with them!! Grrr! And they were in high school!

  5. My 23 year old son asked me to check his head last week as some friends had them and they all had been to the same party. Thank goodness I didn't find any.

  6. My head is itchy just reading that! My youngest son was always bringing them home from Scouts Camp. Ugh. Poor little guy, lost count of how many times we had to buzz cut his hair :( Couldnt have done any damage though as his hair is thick and gotgeous and well past his shoulders!

  7. Money down this kid got those nits at school. The kid who sat RIGHT NEXT to my oldest came in with them on the very first day of kindergarten. Wow. Luckily he had short hair and we never dealt with them. This post made me feel itchy...

  8. I used to be a nanny to many, one little toddler gave my mum and me nits dad and Samuel nada BUT I HAD TO CHECK 13 heads every day for 3 weeks!!!!! One and only time Samuel I always have him no 3-4 hair buzz cuts... Bitter cold here

    1. Sadly can't buzz cut Keera's hair!

    2. I remember when one of the girls that went to school with my kids came in one day with her hair shaved to about a number 3 and bleached blond (from a dark brown), that was her Mum's way of dealing with nits apparantly.

  9. hair bleach...the best nit killer in the world !! that and dog flea shampoo when we were really hard up.....the kids never died but the nits did

  10. The words just start me to itching. Hope you have resolved the problem. Looks like you had a very busy long weekend.

  11. eeek hate dealing with lice. Did my share of hair combing through my girls super thick hair when they were little.


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