Thursday, June 22, 2017


Today I go on my first walk with the Fat Bottomed Girl's Group.

 ABOVE:  The Fat Bottomed Girls 'logo'.
So... the aim of the walking group is to complete an  'Urban Challenge'.

Everyone who joins commits to walking EVERY SINGLE street/road/avenue etc here in Cambridge.

The entire town is broken down into Sections, and you have to walk every section to complete the challenge.
I'm joining half way through the challenge, so have some catching up to do.
Hopefully they have enough 'catch up walks' to enable me to do that.

You have to walk with a group to make your walk 'count' in the challenge.  

I'm joining as I need the company to spur me on with walking.  It actually sucks doing it all on ya own.

ABOVE:  I saw this photo on Facebook a day or so ago...  the caption was something like... ' A misshapen tree, or do you see a teddy bear?'

So... anyway, I go on the first walk at 5.30 tonight. It is actually going to cover 2 sections of the Challenge... so I shall be out walking for about one and a half hours.
And it's supposed to piss down with rain all day!

Freakin' ya.   I finally commit to starting walking again, and the weather gods may be totally against me.  Umbrella.  I've got a good one!  I wonder if the walks are postponed/cancelled if it rains?

Better find out.


So I've not done much this morning.  Popped into the supermarket down the road to get a couple of things I forgot yesterday... AND THEN FORGOT one of the things top of the list!  Stew... get some cornflour would ya?  *smiles*

Been checking out where we are walking tonight... quite a good distance by the look of it.

I've committed to doing two more walks next Thursday, and might even add another one before then too.

Keera is home from Kindy, so I don't have to go out again at 3.20.  
Right now though, I better get dinner sorted out, it will need to be cooked and ready before I head off on my walk.

EXHAUSTED!  By knocking off two sections of the Urban Challenge tonight, I walked 7.2 kms and my step total for the day is ... 15,320!  Best step total for a very, very long time!

Time to sign off... bet I sleep well tonight!


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Enjoiy your walk Chris i go with a group in my little town too,its more fun walking with people xx

  2. Enjoy your walk mum... rain hail or shine you will enjoy it. Put some thermals on.

    1. No thermals for me! I get too hot in 'normal' clothes, so am walking in shorts and a t-shirt!

  3. The tree looks like Big Bird from Sesame St 😁

  4. That tree is so funny I had to look at it a few times then laughed so much haha. Hope ya had a good walk 😊😊

  5. 15000 steps is well impressive!! Go you! Wish I lived there, would love to join you!

  6. Ye gads 7.2 km wowza great going... In a group you yak and walk takes your mind off it I suppose.... Be warmer and lighter soon you be able to bike ride In between walking .

  7. Way to go Mum! XO Love you.


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