Saturday, June 03, 2017


Right... today is the first 'normal' Saturday we've had in a while!

We need to get some groceries in, Steve, Bex and the boys are due here this afternoon.  It's a long weekend... Queen's Birthday in fact.

What else?

Well, we have a queen size electric blanket to return to Harvey Norman's... we got it when we moved here, and when Mum and Ron used it last week, only one side worked.  So, obviously defective.
I'm hoping they take it back!  We hadn't actually used it before now, so didn't even know there was a problem with it.  As it cost quite a lot, I want it replaced.  Fingers crossed on that.

Can't think what else we will get up to today!
Washing... vacuming... all the usual stuff.

Boring really!  But, I'd rather have boring than a repeat of last week!


1.35 pm:  And it's all go here.  Steve and Bex are getting ready to go to Bex's brother's wedding.  They are taking the boys too, so it's all go getting everyone dressed and ready to go.

As far as I know, the boys will be back later on and Steve and Bex will be going back for the reception/festivities on into the evening.

I fully expect them to arrive home very late, pissed as chooks as the reception is at a vineyard.  LOTS of wine on tap! *smiles*

Stew and I have had a quiet day doing bugger all.  It's a good day to get washing dry... so Stew hung it out for me.  It's still cold out there though, I've got warm slippers on and a couple of layers.  I love winter!  I get to choose how warm I am, instead of being too bloody hot.

 ABOVE:  All ready to go to his Uncle Chris's wedding.

ABOVE:  All set to leave... I hope they have a lovely time.

I spent a good deal of time this afternoon sorting out sheets... sizes and so on.  I'm finally happy with where all the linen is within the house.  It's taken a while!
It does my head in trying to figure out what size a sheet is, why the hell don't the manufacturers clearly LABEL the bloody things?  So many don't.

I've been using an indelible felt pen, writing on each sheet, just what size it is.  Don't you HATE those fitted sheets?  Even when you try to fold them 'correctly', they still look yuk.   But, it's a good job done now.

Steve has dropped the boys back home, and Stew took him back to the wedding party.
Now we get to feed the kids and ourselves, then later on get them all to bed and then...relax.

Coronation Street again tonight, so I'm looking forward to that.  Callum is dead under the flooring and Kylie is loosing her cool.  Such drama.

End of Day:  the kids got home fairly early... Steve drank a wee bit too much wine.  So, home and into bed.  Bet he has a hangover in the morning!  Self inflicted misery... lol.


  1. What a beautiful family

  2. What a lovely photo of Steve Bex Dante and Archer. I did heaps washing so far watched nearly games of rugby one more to go YES!!!!

  3. Steve, Bex & the boys look adorable. I hope they have a great night and don't suffer too much tomorrow morning 😎

  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Nice to see Beks not looking so scruffy and unkempt.

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Oh wow Anon how rude and uncalled for. Bex always looks good. She's a hands on mum who gets down and plays with her kids and family. You can clearly see that from the photos and stories Chris tells. Get a life and move on.Keep doing what you're doing Bex and loving life. Your beautiful family look lovely.


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