Friday, June 09, 2017


Today I'm going to start packing for our little trip away.
I'm really excited... which is dumb really cos we are only going up north for a few days!

But ALONE, for the first time in 20 years... well first time for longer than 2 days that is.  *smiles*

I'm going to thoroughly enjoy packing!

If I think about it long enough.. I might just pack our pj's!  LOL
Sleeping in... OMG, that's what I'm looking forward to the MOST.  Both of us getting to sleep in, instead of taking turns on the weekends.

And for as long as we want too.  BLISS, it's gunna be BLISSFUL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our eldest son, Russell.  34 today... getting on there son!  lol   Have a lovely day.

Keera has another school visit this morning.  She is really looking forward to it.  I'm not.  I was bored shitless last week!  I'm just not INTO IT like a young Mum would be.  It's not all new and exciting for me ... funny that!  ha ha
But, I will try and not look too bored.  

Bex and the boys will be here this afternoon.  Bex is going to be looking after the kids/dog/house for us while we are away.  We are very lucky she is able to do that for us.   

I hope she isn't a cot case by the time we get home again!  Though, she will have Brylee and Griffin to give her a hand.  

She's going to find out how handy teenagers CAN be if you ask them to help.  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to start that packing.   OOOoooo.... fun.


Slowly getting there.  There is only so much you can do till the last minute... but I've done my half of the packing. Stew will have to do his tonight.

Keera is hopping up and down with impatience, we don't have to be at school till 11 am.  It's a LONG time for a kid to wait!

Today Keera had a lovely time at school.  She participated fully in the classroom activities, and even spoke to the teacher... well actually... she did the exact opposite of last week and wouldn't shut up!

But it was all good...

ABOVE:  She made this cute fish, it's even stuffed!  She had to leave it at school, as the teacher is going to hang the children's fish on the wall of their classroom, so when they start there next term they will already have some art of their own in the room.

What a lovely idea.

Just before we left school I got a call from 'The Sue's'... they were in Cambridge, so we arranged to have lunch together.

We met at The Good Union, and had a lovely lunch.  I got too much so now have a 'doggy bag' for the big kids when they get home.

NASTY COMMENT:  well I read it, and immediately deleted it... whoops!  I didn't realise that by doing that I deleted the replies to it as well.  So sorry girls, your responses are gone.
Probably a good thing, I don't want a shit fest on the blog really, though I'm sure Bex and I do appreciate the loves.

It's all quiet here now as Keera is having a nap and I'm just chillin'.   Very peaceful.  

I suspect it won't last long, as Bex and the boys are due here this afternoon!   Shit, I haven't even thought about what to feed everyone for dinner yet... better get something out of the freezer.

All has gone well this afternoon and evening.
Bex and the boys arrived safely and have settled in for the week ahead.
Bex got to cook dinner for us all too.  hee hee.

And now... some mindless, but enjoyable TV.  *smiles*


  1. Enjoy enjoy enjoy 😀 Bex will need a holiday after lol

  2. You and Stew have a wonderful time! Sleeping in on vacation is great, and waking up on vacation is even better! No responsibilities :) Enjoy :)

  3. Hope you enjoy your trip away. With no children in toe...

  4. You are going to have a lovely time, it doesn't matter where you go, some time together by yourselves will be blissful. Bex is wonderful coming to look after the kids (although really the older two probably don't need a lot of looking after as such).

  5. So I deleted a nasty comment.. before realising there were replies to it. Oh well.. it deserved to be deleted.

    1. Sorry that meant the replies got deleted as well... didn't realise THAT would happen!

    2. Anonymous3:15 PM

      It's ok, the *commentators hehe know what we said *smiles

  6. I'm sure Bex will be totally in control of the family - they will be in good hands. How long are you going away for? Make sure you do sleep in - it really does feel indulgent when you don't usually do that!!

  7. Enjoy your holiday away. I'm sure Bex can take care of the house for a few days. Brylee and Griffin will probably appreciate the chance to show responsibility too.

    Also, how did Griffin like his chair??

    1. Oh he loves his chair! It is very comfortable and just the right size for the space beside his bed. He's a happy boy.

  8. Have a wonderful time and Stew every little moment.

  9. Have a wonderful time away.


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