Saturday, June 17, 2017


Last night I took Brylee through the very basic application of makeup.
Obviously, I'm no expert, but hopefully I've shown her how to put on eyeliner/eyeshadow/mascara and lippy.

I did one eye, and she did the other.

ABOVE:  She was very happy with the results, and will no doubt have fun trying to do it all by herself today.

The next step for her will be getting her eyebrows shaped properly.  I've told her to get them done by a professional... cos she doesn't want to fuck them up like I did to mine 40+ years ago.

Mine didn't grow back, so I was stuck with the over plucked mess I made when I was about 15!

I have thought about getting them tattooed into a better, thicker shape, but am scared someone will mess that up too, and I'll look even worse.
So... maybe not.

I keep forgetting what day it is... totally out of sync and routine.  But as it IS Saturday?.... we will probably be going out somewhere with the kids.
While we have been away and having fun, they have been stuck at home doing their usual routine... school/home/bla bla bla.
So, an outing for them is well in order.

ABOVE:  First up... TURN OFF THE SOUND!  You will only hear wind... loud wind.  This is a little video of the view at Cape Reinga... so beautiful.

ABOVE:  Same again, turn your sound OFF.  Dolphins... lots of them... just keep watching!
You will see the gannets diving for fish, then DOLPHINS.  

And that is all I have for now ... catch ya later.


I'm a tardy tart today... no update till now!  (5.08 pm)
But we have been out and about, then I crashed in the afternoon... so tired!

We had visitors this morning.  Amanda and Liam came for the morning while Joel played soccer up the road.  Stew went and watched his game, which thrilled Joel to bits.

 ABOVE:  A happy Joel, and two of his team mates, who Amanda ferried to the game.

 ABOVE:  And ... off they went again.

 ABOVE:  The huge roadworks at Tamahere, where the new expressway will reconnect with the Hamilton-Cambridge expressway.  It's supposed to take 4 years to complete.
There's so much going on out of view, roads being made from Te Kauwhata to here... it will be awesome when it's opened.

Mostly, all we seem to see is dirt being moved from one pile to another!

ABOVE: It was a stunning winter's day, lots of sports being played.
We had lunch at Chartwell Square, then a bit of a wander around trying to find a new pillow for me.  But I couldn't find one.  

After that... home and a nana nap!   I had a bit of a headache and seriously, just tired!

Now I'm looking around thinking... hmmm gotta cook dinner.  And I have no idea what to cook...

Hee hee... Stew cooked!
Silly bugger dinner.  Cheerio sausages, spagetti and baked beans on toast.  Totally easy.

Coronation Street isn't on till freakin' almost 10 pm tonight! WTF?  It seems to be getting later and later.  I don't always want to stay up that late.  Grrrr.

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Brylee has gorgeous eyes! And beautiful lashes! I had an overplucked mess too, but eventually mine grew back. I've also torn out my lashes with an eyelash curler. Extremely painful. Yes, makeup takes lots of practice.

  2. Looks good brylee you did a good job of the eyes. Less is more beautiful girl.
    Xx have a nice day today team xx

  3. Brûlée you look beautiful no even more beautiful you was already beautiful inside and out. Growing into an amazing young lady

    1. Brylee stupid auto correct sorry

  4. Brylee has beautiful eyes.
    Cute girl!

  5. Very cool Brylee, you'll be an expert in no time at all XO

  6. Wow what a beautiful natural look brylee.

  7. Good job with the makeup, Brylees looks lovely. There are heaps of YouTube tutorials on applying make up right from simple natural looking to full on theatre. Is Griffin planning on rocking the guy liner, it will bring his eyes out beautifully 😄

    1. Yeah girl....from Griffin. 😉

  8. Brylee looks beautiful with or without makeup. I too messed my eyebrows up as a teen,so I would for sure take her to get them done. I started my teen girl out getting them done at a salon at around 16 and now at 19 she loves going and her eyebrows look great. Have a great weekend!

  9. Definitely get a professional to shape the eyebrows - I've noticed lately that eyebrows are really "in"!! Also there are so many Youtube tutorials in make - have a look at - she is a New Zealander and does amazing makeup!!

    1. I forgot to add - for a light foundation (for both Brylee and you Chris) look for BB Cream. You can buy this fairly cheaply and it's light and so easy to apply, you can't really make a mistake. Just don't take it too close to your eyes Chris! (after you last foundation annoying your eyes). There are many brands out there and they are all good.

  10. Beautiful make up very natural and those eyes stunning. Has been a full on stunning day sports wise here too.


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