Sunday, June 18, 2017


Have you ever picked up your glasses (if you wear them), taken one look and freaked out, thinking your lens was broken?

ABOVE:  Yep, I did!  Totally freaked out.  Then did a double take.  Cos.  My glasses are ones that go dark in the sun, and they had been lying on the bed, in partial sunshine.  Hence the crazy, broken looking pattern!

Man was I relieved when I realised they were NOT broken!  I rely on my glasses for driving.

Crisis over.  Felt a bit of a dick though.  lol

ABOVE: I got this old, funky fencing from Lacy's place.  I need ideas on what to do with it?
I had thought of making a couple of bird houses... what else?  There's not too much of it, maybe twice as much as what you can see here.

 ABOVE:  I am utterly in love with the wave photos from Cape Reinga.  Just had to show a couple more.  
Cos... well I can!  lol

ABOVE:  Another lighthouse!  This one was out by The Hole in the Rock, Bay of Islands. I love the rugged landscape too.

Today, well this morning I'm doing some housework, then this afternoon we have Kelly and Rena visiting.
So, a fairly normal Sunday.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  The kids will be back at school and kindy, and poor Stewy will be back at work, and it will be just me at home.  In silence.  *smiles*


Well, after SO MANY ideas for that funky, rustic fencing... (not)... we came up with this idea:

ABOVE:  we are going to put it around the front garden!  So, birdhouses/planter boxes will have to wait!

After having no joy in finding the perfect new pillow for me yesterday, Stew and I popped down to the local Briscoes and found the perfect one... and even better?
60% OFF!  Amazing... got it for a song.  And Stew got himself a new pillow too.

Fingers crossed I get a better nights sleep tonight, cos the last two nights have been awful.

3.40 pm:   And Kelly and Rena have been, visited and left again.

 ABOVE: The girls playing with Snapchat.
Lots of laughs.

ABOVE:  The little girls playing happily outside... luckily the weather held off.  It feels like rain.

 ABOVE:  Granddad's little helper. 

 ABOVE:  I managed to prise Griffin out of his room long enough to help with pruning the plum trees.
We only lightly pruned them as we really don't know what we are doing!
We don't want to kill them, or end up with no plums this summer.

ABOVE:  Three plum trees, one nest.  *smiles*
I wonder if it will have chicks in it next spring?

Looking forward to a new mini series tonight.  Apple Tree Yard.  Looks good.  Then bed... to try out our new pillows.  Hoping for a good nights sleep.

33.65 kms this week


  1. I have a pair of prescription glasses that I keep in the car all the time just for driving (well two pairs actually, sunglasses and regular). Once you know your script you can pick them up very cheaply as long as you're not getting progressive glasses.

    I also have a pair for watching TV, a pair at the beach house and a spare pair for when I travel. Some are older ones that are not so in fashion but they still work fine :)

  2. You could make picket fence planter boxes.

  3. Thanks for the idea... but we have come up with something!

  4. I like what you have done with the pickets.
    I once picked up my new $600 glasses and thought that I had a massive scratch from corner to corner, panic ! Then I realised it was a long hair stuck to them

  5. The pickets look good with the garden! Love you Mum XO

  6. Love the "something" you came up with the pickets....and Stew's little helper

  7. The garden looks good with the rustic pickets maybe a pottery thing or 2 in there... Granddads helper very colourful..,,


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