Thursday, June 08, 2017


Today while Keera is at Kindy, I am nipping into Hamilton to do the grocery shopping.

As Bex and the boys will be here for a week while Stew and I are away, I need to make sure there is plenty of food in the house.  

And of course I want to get some supplies for Stew and I to take with us too.  I have no intention of buying food morning, noon and night while we are away!

I want some $$'s for SHOPPING!  lol

And I think that is about all I have planned for the day so far.  


And just like that, plans change.
I sold the double bed that Brylee used to have on TradeMe last night, and the people who won it are picking it up this morning.

So.... I am now washing the floors instead of going grocery shopping.  The shopping can wait till tonight now.
Which is OK, cos then Stew and the kids can help unload it all and put it away for me.  EXCELLENT.

So Yaaa... the bed is gone, I can get my car back in the garage again.

AND I just bought a slim chair for Griffin's room, so he's less cramped in there.
I took my Dad's old Lazy-Boy out of his room as it took up too much room, and I was concerned he would wreck it!
That chair is precious to me.

ABOVE:  Griffin's new chair.  I hope it's comfy!  I am picking it up this afternoon, then I will do the grocery shopping with Keera.

3.35 pm:  and a very successful afternoon.  I've picked up the chair, got the groceries and come home again.
90% of the groceries are away, just a few left in the garage for the big kids to bring in and put away for me.

I can't wait to see what Griffin thinks of his new chair!  And I say new, cos even though it was 'used', it looks brand new!  There's not a mark on it.  And it's funky as.

I love it!

So I nipped back into Hamilton late this afternoon to weight in at Weight Watchers.  I should have stayed at home!
Big fat GAIN of 1.6 kilos!  I was really annoyed with myself, cos I knew it wouldn't be a good weigh in.  I had even tried to talk myself out of going... but it's better to just do it and then work on damage control for the next week eh?

I will find it much easier next week, cos Stew will be with me and we will be doing lots of walking and so on.  AND we have made plans to not have big meals in the evening at all.  Our 'main' meal will be at midday.  

So, all going well I will undo the damage done this week.  

Now... a quiet evening ahead... under me blankie as it's going to be another cold night ahead.
Frosts!  We've certainly had a few lately.  Love them though.


  1. It's lovely to have those successful days. That chair is very cool :)

  2. I'm sure your funky son will love his funky chair and it looks really comfy for gaming and tv watching.

  3. Griffin's chair is awesome, I hope he likes it.

  4. Certainly a very busy day. Love the chair.

  5. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Why is everything you like tacky? You need to read some home and garden magazines to get some style ideas.Still can't get over a grown woman collecting tacky Disney China figures.They are hideous.


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