Wednesday, June 07, 2017


So today I am going to make a start on getting ready for our little trip away.

I know it's still a few days away, but well... I don't even know where our suitcases are!

I think mine has wool in it!

The other thing I want to do is go out and get a fishing tackle box ... with some sinkers, lures, hooks etc.
I plan on taking a fishing rod or two with us, so we can dangle a line over a wharf or something.... lol!  Could be a nice way to spend an hour or two on our holiday.

That will be this morning, as Keera is only at Kindy for half a day today.

I stayed up rather late last night, so am a bit jaded.  Serve me right.  I got engrossed watching some YouTube videos, my god those things are addictive.

So... I'm a bit tired.  But nevermind, I can always have a little nana nap when Keera has hers.  *smiles*

THANK YOU to everyone who wished Stew and I a Happy Anniversary yesterday.  That was just lovely of you.
And thank you to those in the family who did too... all 4 of you.
NOPE, I don't have egg on my face Christina!  It was as expected.
(private joke)

Right, time to make a move... stuff to do.


 ABOVE:  Isn't this tree AMAZING!!!   It is not only HUGE, and old, but it's just gorgeous.
Wait till it starts to drop it's leaves, the ground becomes a sea of yellow.  

 ABOVE:  Winter in Cambridge is stunning, there are just so many deciduous trees around to admire as they change.

I went out to pick up Keera, and passed a big truck going down our road.  Now, there is a sign right at the start of our road, clearly stating that there is nowhere for trucks to turn around on our road...

ABOVE:  So I get home, and yep, there it is, slowly backing all the way up our road... cos he couldn't turn around.
I had to have a little laugh.

And now... lunchtime.  Keera is having her favourite lunch, Nutella sandwich... only today it's on toast.  Nice and warm.

I can't wait till Keera finishes at Kindy!  For the past few months I have been getting invoices from there that have been wrong time and time again.
The office lady is either an idiot, or is jerking my chain!  I have pointed out on numerous occasions the time attended and fees owing... yet she continues to overcharge me.

It's doing my head in.   Today... she did it again... after I'd pointed it out twice already since last week.  I was in there at lunchtime  TODAY, signing the 'new' hours Keera attends, and she STILL just sent me an invoice that was bloody wrong.  Grrrrr.   I hate this sort of shit.

Well it's sorted out with the Kindy office lady.  Finally.   I've let her know Keera won't be at Kindy next week too... and I've been told I have to pay the fees, even though she won't be there.
*sigh*  Oh well... it will all be moot soon, as she starts school in the new term.

I've got a delicious pea and bacon soup simmering for dinner this evening... lovely to have on a cool winter's night. It's got masses of bacon in it!  

So dinner was OK, can't say it was my best soup ever.  But edible.  The bacon wasn't the nicest.
Quiet evening here... and time to sign off for the day.


  1. Happy Anniversary for yesterday Chris and's to another 30 years of love and happiness.

  2. File a complaint. And stick to your guns. Don't let them bully you. (AS IF! Haha!) Good luck.

  3. Why are you having to pay anything for Kindy? Isn't she entitled to the 20 hours free?

    1. If your child goes for longer than 6 hours a day (Monday and Tuesday she goes for 7.25 hours per day) you have to pay for the extra time. And of course, anything over 20 hours a week you pay for. At least NOW that she's not going on a Friday I only have to pay a small amount. It used to be over $40 a week... which compared to a child care centre is cheap. I was paying over $250 a week when we were in Auckland over the summer of 2015-16!

    2. The fees are crazy. We have gone for a traditional Kindy for our boy, part of the choice was because it is free. One place we looked at was $7 an hour and that was on top of the free hours!!

  4. Not long to go & she will be a school girl, no more dealing with daycare crap, just the unending requests for money, time & donations for school fundraising 😀

  5. I love the trees in Cambridge they always look beautiful, but the leaves feel sorry for the roof tops.


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