Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Keera goes back to kindy for a 'long' day today.
Brylee goes to school to confirm her courses for the year.
Griffin gets to stay home and do the vacuming!
And I get to do a small amount of housework, then do some sewing.

I will post a photo of coasters I've not sold a bit later on in the day, one of my blogger friends MIGHT be interested in a set. 

I am going to do a market in April, here in Cambridge, it's for 'Original Art, not mass produced', so might be good?  If it sucks and I don't sell much, I will probably give up on trying to sell my ink tiles and just have them as gifts.

Here's a few photos of the kids playing yesterday:

 ABOVE:  These kids just love being under the sprinkler!  

And on that lovely note, I'm outta here.  Things to do, places to go.  😄


Walking down the hallway this morning, I spy something lying hard up against the skirting board.  It looks like a twig, so I use a bit of washing already in my hand to scoop it away from the skirting board.

NOT, not, not a bloody twig!

ABOVE:  It was a bloody WETA!  EEEkkkkk.... he got thrown outside quick smart!

He's the first one I've seen since moving to the Waikato... where wetas are prolific.  I hate them with a vengeance.  They can cling to your skin with their legs/pincers and they can bite.  Nasty little critters.  That one was just a little one too!

I've just finished my breakfast, time to do a little housework.

Housework?  Yeah right.  I found something better to do.
I went down to Mitre 10 and bought some garden edging...

ABOVE:  I'm not sure how far this lot will go, but it's all I could get today.

I got the stakes to hold the edging in the ground, but I've put them on wrong and they keep coming off when we try to ram the stakes into the ground.

Seems I should be putting the stakes in the ground FIRST, then screwing the edging on.

I think I will leave it for a bloke to do.  I have smacked my thumb with the hammer TWICE already, I've over it!

It's almost time to pick up Keera, then I will be getting dinner ready.  Tonight we are having pork spare ribs and salad.

Shit a brick, I forgot to photograph the coasters! Sorry Margaret, I will definitely do it for tomorrow.

Dinner was really delish, everyone loves the pork spare ribs.
I'm knackered and my poor thumb is so sore.
I will be having a relatively early night tonight... trying to catch up on lost sleep.  Never works usually.



  2. LOL...that looks and sounds creepy.

  3. You could sell them on felt.co.nz it is for New Zealand Handmade craft. The listing fee is only about 50c

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Bloody hell! What's that Weta all about, which cruel bastard created that???? The first half is bad enough but Jesus the back end with the thorny legs and wtf is that on its arse?????

    1. OMG I'm laughing me head off!!! They are utterly ugly buggers for sure.

  5. And I thought Australia had all the nasties. You have a pretty unpleasant one!

    1. I was thinking similar to Sparklingmerlot !! Haha

    2. Ours are ugly creepy & generally gross but at least they don't try to kill us like the Aussie creatures :-)

  6. Anonymous4:35 PM

    oh it's cute, hope you didn't hurt it lol.......ill come find it and pat it and call it Bob :)

    1. Lacy you are a dick.

    2. Anonymous8:07 PM

      hehe hehe dick and Bob ��

  7. ANON 1 AND ANON 2: None of your damn business actually, I don't OWE you any sort of explanation about ANYTHING.


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