Friday, January 20, 2017


So, last night at dinnertime, Lacy felt sick as a dog.  Like, really sick.  Dizzy. Hot. Disorientated.

So, because she was already a bit under the weather, I took her to hospital.

And we sat ... and sat... and she had blood tests... and we sat some more.  For 4 bloody hours!

We finally got to see a Dr at 11.45 pm!  Got told she didn't have an infection, and to go home.

So ... we walk the miles of corridors back to the car park lifts.  I insert our car park ticket in the machine... and then my EFTPOS card to pay.

Only the machine refuses to accept my card, so we move over to the next machine.  Same thing.

Lacy points out the sign above the machine which says "Don't put your car park ticket near your cellphone, or it will corrupt your ticket".  

Guess where my car park ticket had been for 4 hours?  Right beside my bloody phone!  Shame that warning isn't actually ON THE BLOODY CARD EH?

So.  I ring the car park company, and they send down two car park people, who kindly tell me that they will waive the fee and let us out of the building manually.

That's GREAT.  Only, I can't remember which level my car is on.  Like... I thought (for some blonde reason), it would be recorded on the car park ticket?  Yeah, nah.

So, we have to take a seat and wait while the attendants go in search of my car!

Luckily, I could remember how many ramps I drove up, so they found it fairly quickly, and we got to leave that bloody building at around 12.40 am.

Got home and relaxed for 10 minutes before heading off to bed.

And that was my evening last night!  Such fun.

I've told Lacy she owes me XX number of hours housekeeping as payback.  

Today I'm taking the silly tart back home, and she can stay there and not bother me for at least a week or two!

Tallulah is going to the groomers today.  Coco goes next week. 

While Tallulah's there, I might pop over to Morrinsville to check out a shop I've found that sells art/craft stuff.  It looks interesting.

I will put photos of of the coasters I made yesterday... soon.  I just need the varnish to dry first!


COASTERS, sets of 4 for $20...

ABOVE:  If they sell well, I will make more.  But not yet.  I've got other shit to do.

Like the washing.  

2.27 pm:  And it's been a non-stop day so far.
Keera to kindy, Tallulah to the groomers, off to Morrinsville, where we got some more ink from the shop I found there.

Then home.  Made a tile for Lacy in Purple/pink and SILVER!  Then we picked up Keera and dropped her home with Brylee for her lunch.

Back into Hamilton to pick up Tallulah.

Now.. I'm going to make some trivets!

Well... I got some more trivets done!
And I tried using some silver mixative too... I made Lacy a Purple/pink and silver tile:

ABOVE:  She utterly loves it... which is nice.
It's not even varnished yet... but still looks good.

Dinner tonight was pork medallions done on the BBQ, lettuce salad and tomoato/cucumber and capsicum, tossed with fresh (from my garden) spring onions, mint and parsley.  Such a delicious mix.

Our day is winding down now, with the plan being to watch a movie on TV and then get an early night.
I've had a few very busy, tiring days and need to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight, or I will live up to my nickname of CRABBY TART!


  1. Glad she ok best to be safe than sorry after all but the carpark debarcal wouldn't have been needed at any time least of all the hour

  2. The orange ones are so retro!!!!! (in a good way) Should appeal to someone who likes that. Good luck with them, I hope they all sell well.

  3. if that's $20 for a set of 4 then you are too cheap. A minimum of $25 and I'd even start by asking $30. Good luck, wish I lived nearer.

  4. I love the shapes in the top coasters, but I'm not a pink person ! What a bad day you had yesterday, let's hope today is better for you..... (And me but that's a whole different story)

  5. Hi Chris

    They are all lovely, but I particularly love Set A & D .... Can I please purchase "Set A" from you? I would also love to get a couple of matching trivets if possible. Can you please let me know the sizes and prices of your trivets? Thanks so much!

    1. Done and will make a lg and small trivet to match. Think I quoted prices on them earlier.. will check back through comments/replies. 😊

    2. Awesome! Can I be greedy and have 2 x Large Trivets and 1 x Small Trivet please? I will flick you an email and if you want to email me back your bank account details and postage/packaging costs, I will transfer the money to you. Thanks so much Chris! I love these! (Looks like others do too :) )

    3. Yep... Lg will be $15 each, small $10. I will make them tonight and give you a couple of choices by tomorrow.

    4. Thanks Chris - no rush though - just when you have time. I don't want you to have the enjoyment factor taken away by pressure of having to have them done straight away.

  6. I love the coasters!!! I will buy set D (since Paula beat me to A).

  7. I hope Lacy is feeling heaps better today, lots of rest & keep fluids up.

  8. I'll have "B" if not too late!! Love!

    1. Coming that way next week. Will text ya...

    2. Awesome! Both you and Tracy can pick your coasters up.

  9. The coasters are great. You will find they will sell faster than the framed ones. Cause the framed ones people need to think about them matching their interior style, where coasters don't need to and make great gifts. I would make a shit load of them if I was you 😄
    Also metallics are a BIG design trend especially copper colored.
    They are looking good!!

  10. I love the coasters, and so do lots of other people, you'll have none to sell at the market at the rate they are selling on the blog. Hope Lacy is still okay.

  11. The coasters are great.... you have done a fantastic job. But i think they are too cheap xx

  12. I'd love the orange ones if you are doing more.

    1. I will be doing more, seeing as they are so popular!

  13. The tiles are gorgeous. Really wow factor. I know my dream was real. This is going to be very successful Chris.

  14. My fav colours are pink purple red and black plz. I will even pay for it.

  15. Hope you manage to have a restful weekend.

  16. Anonymous9:46 PM

    You know you clever crafty thing you could sell through facebook and friends of friends no site fees ? or standing around etc BUT going to craft fair means socialising and enjoying peoples company win win... It's me Blondie the colours are so bright I LOVE them ALL! It's me Blondie..


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