Thursday, January 05, 2017


The forecast is for better weather today, so after attending to a couple of things first thing this morning, we will be heading off to Rotorua for the day.

So, first up, we are taking Keera into Hamilton to spend the day with Lacy.  Lacy wanted to have her, so it suits us.  Keera doesn't need to be travelling again this week, after our bigger trip up to Coromandel the other day.

I'm sure they will enjoy spending the day together.

Next up, we need to pick Brylee up from her girlfriend's.  She ended up staying for two nights.  I hope she had a good time.

Once Brylee has freshened up, we will leave for Rotorua.

I hope the weather is nice, a swim at the Blue Lake is high on my 'to do' list.  I wonder if it will be freezing?

It is absolutely YEARS and YEARS since I swam in a lake! 🏊 Like around 40 years in fact!  WOW. 😲


Changed our minds... off to Mt Maunganui instead. The water will be warmer!

6.10 pm:  Well we just got back from the 'Bay'.
We visited our dear friends Jacqui and Martin for an hour or so, then we went down to the beach.

And drove along looking for a park.  20 minutes later we gave up.
And we could see very few people in the water, so figured it was cold.

Later on we were told there was a plague of sea mites or something similar that was keeping people off the beach and out of the water.  So, we didn't go for a swim at all!

Once we abandoned the swim idea, we decided to go and visit TEDDY!

His family moved to Papamoa 6 months ago.  

When we arrived, I swear Teddy went utterly APE SHIT.  He was jumping all over us, barking and howling and acting like he had found the best thing since sliced bread!

Gail said he never acts like that with other people, so he must have been super happy to see us!

It was just so lovely to see him, and catch up on what's going on with his family.

They are moving to Rotorua once they sell their Papamoa home!  Gail and Shane want more land around them, and have bought a 6 acre block just out of Rotorua.  Teddy and the other dogs will love that!

 ABOVE:  Isn't he gorgeous!

 ABOVE:  loving having his ears rubbed.

ABOVE:  AMAZINGLY... he still licked my toes/feet!  Apparently he doesn't do that to anyone else.  He CLEARLY has not forgotten us.

After a lovely visit there, we came home and are now contemplating dinner at a new local pub.  

So we were not bothered to go out again once we had settled down after getting home, so had Noodle Canteen instead.  Mine was YUK.  Didn't eat much at all.

I've done a couple more ink tiles tonight, now it's bedtime.
No Keera, so a full night's sleep tonight!  Yaaa.


  1. Yep weather is super duper today...bit cool this morning but meant to be hot later. I don't know if I would be brave enough to swim in the lake because it'll be freezing!

  2. How neat the kids have already made friends.

  3. So glad I had already read earlier you had changed plans to go rotorua I just read on stuff of a lake accident and death thank god u weren't there. X

  4. So nice to see Teddy so excited to see you. Too bad about the swimming, oh well it was a nice day out even so.

  5. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Well hell bells you should have come to TAUPO the weather was fantastic!!! and definitely hot enough to be in our Lake... Wow so pleased Teddy went ape how nice. It's me Blondie.


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