Saturday, January 21, 2017


If you bought or asked for coasters yesterday... you be lucky.  I am keeping the cost of them at $20 for blog readers.

At the craft fair, they will be $30.   

I am going to order a box full of the tiles in the 100 X 100 mm size, and make a shit load more!  lol

Today Steve, Bex and the boys are due for the weekend.  Steve is going to help me sort out how to display my tile paintings, trivets and stand alone tiles for the craft fair.
I'm sure we will nut it out just fine.

Our front door lock 'broke down' for some reason.  We couldn't get it to lock with the keys, which was a bit of a bugger.
So yesterday, late in the day, I had a locksmith call in and see why it wan't working.

He soon found the problem.  SOMEONE had tried picking our lock with a hairclip!!!
Hmmm... bit of a worry.  But luckily, we now have, in effect, TWO doors and two locks for any potential nasty person to break into, the screen door AND the 'proper' door.  

And in our case, our front door is made of STEEL.  Good luck breaking that down!

Today we will stay at home mostly.  At some point we will return Lacy to her home.
And that's all for now... catch ya later.


So... we ended up going to the Tamahere Craft Market, which is held once a month, like the Cambridge one. (NOT the one I'm going to on the 30th).
The Tamahere one was really good!  Way, way better than the Cambridge one, which is more trash than treasure.

I kinda bought something... but I'm not getting it yet.  I have to wait till I've paid for it!  I didn't have that much money on me today... or should I say, Stew didn't.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Isn't it gorgeous?  It's a blue glass fantail and blue glass/bling set in a lovely wooden pole. You can't tell in the photo, but there's a big crystal suspended in the top 'gap'. Now I have to decide where in the garden I want it.

After browsing around the market, we went into Hamilton.  Did some shopping and came home.

This afternoon the kids arrived and the peace ended. *smiles*

ABOVE: It was nice while they were outside drawing on the driveway.  

Stew did dinner tonight.  We had chicken rissoles and salads.  

I'm starting to crave something stodgy like mac cheese!

The little kids will be off to bed soon, then peace will reign again.
We will probably watch TV and yak.

And that's the day done.


  1. That's worrisome about the lock. I wouldn't be able to sleep nights.

    The tiles are really nice. Good luck - hope you sell them all and get a lot of orders. :)

  2. Hope that creep that was doing the threats hast tried to break in. Chris a big worry another you do not need

  3. Creepy! Maybe you should give the remnant to the police.

  4. Maybe you should just file a report with the police?

  5. That's a bit unnerving about the door. I wonder if your neighbours have had any problems. Sounds like the tiles are a huge success! Maybe you should consider having a spot at the Tamahere Market.

  6. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Gee glad the door held then, I am in love with the fantail wood block just stunning. I am feeling your tiles are going to be super uber popular... It's me Blondie..

  7. oh that's very cool!


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