Sunday, January 29, 2017


Last night I spent a bit of time wrapping my little bed cushions in fabric... trying to figure out what to cover them with, and finally came up with these two:

 ABOVE:  There will be two in the little whale fabric and one long blue one.  I'm probably going to make either a spearmint coloured whale or starfish and applique' it onto the dark blue cushion too.

ABOVE: Once they are done I will have finished mucking around with my bed!  And about time too.

Fun in the garden yesterday:

 ABOVE: Keera had just got dressed again... she eventually got cold.  Took her a good couple of hours though.

 UMBRELLA:  Well sadly we are having issues with our lovely new umbrella.  It keeps slipping down it's pole... quite scary really.  I'm scared it will trap a kid's fingers when it slips down.
So it's going back ... probably today.

It's so disappointing when you buy something, love it and it fails.

Shit happens.  Moving on.  Choosing Happiness.
Going to make my gorgeous cushion covers today.  Get a new umbrella.  Lie in the sun. Play with the kids under the sprinkler.  Enjoy life.


I could SCREAM.  As if the day could get any more annoying .. it did.
First, SPARK (our internet/mobile phone provider), went down ... so no internet... no mobile phone all morning.  Still not got the phone part going, but internet is back at least.

We go into Hamilton to return the faulty umbrella.  We replace it with a less complicated one, thinking it will be fine.

Get home, Stew goes to put it up and NOPE, it won't go up.  To add insult to injury, it goes up about a quarter, then refuses to go any further... AND it won't go down either.

So I ring Mitre 10 in Te Rapa, where we got it.. and get the run around.  I'm still waiting to hear back from them, I've spoken to 3 people and left 2 messages... with no result so far.  

I am beyond fucking annoyed.

Finally, a result.  They are sending someone out with several umbrellas ... to make sure we get one that actually works!  I'm so relieved we don't have to drive back in there to replace it ourselves. 

 ABOVE:  One of the Managers came out!  He saw the problem immediately, and said the umbrella was stuffed, it had not been assembled properly in the first place.  
He put the new umbrella up, and everyone was happy again. 

Once he had been and gone, I did my little bit of sewing...

ABOVE:  I am THRILLED to bits with how my cute wee cushions look.

Bex is cooking dinner tonight, we are having lamb rissoles, salad and wedges.  It smells YUM.

Dinner was really lovely tonight.  Even better when ya don't have to cook it.

Off to bed fairly early tonight, got my craft fair tomorrow!


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    My Internet is down. Can't update right now. CHRIS H

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    fu*ken spark you suck

  3. Absolutely LOVE your pictures! You even captured the water droplets on Steve! I love your son. He is so much fun. YOur family is so beautiful. So sorry about the umbrella! That stinks! Like you said - Up and On! lol

  4. So they should. Hope you get one that works this time Chris. Have fun tomorrow. If you don't sell them all I want one, just can't decide which one. I'm sure you'll make more though. I know it's going to be a success. I dreamt about it! Love your blog everyday.

  5. That's good service. Looks great!

  6. Beautiful bedroom Chris. I love the colours in your cushions and ornaments. You have the 'knack". I really love the blue valance.

  7. Best of luck for tomorrow

  8. All the best for tomorrow Chris.

  9. Good luck for tomorrow Chris. I hope it exceeds expectations for you :)

  10. Good luck for tomorrow Chris, they are gorgeous and I hope you do well. Your bed looks very welcoming for your early night! xo

  11. Anonymous4:00 PM

    dont change your bedroom setting now - it looks perfect! the valance & cushions have all come together beautifully!

    Good luck with the market!!!

  12. Love the cushions and valance nice blue! lol The water play photos are so neat those smiles memories....

  13. Looks good, love the sign above your bed!


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