Tuesday, January 17, 2017





Oh today is going to be so good!  Miss Muppet goes back to Kindy, and I get 6 hours a day of PEACE and bloody quiet!

Noise is one of those things that sometimes you just NEED to get away from.

I love it when the house is quiet, and I can just relax and enjoy IT.  I've not had any QUIET in 5 weeks.


I'm thinking of going to Aqua Fit this morning.  If I do, I'm sure I will have Brylee and Griffin in tow... they can spend an hour in the pool while I do the Aqua Fit.

Time to get back into my routine.

I'm not going to Hamilton Patchwork class this term, maybe not at all this year.  I was spending too much time out of the house with various pursuits.

I will stick with the Cambridge group, and Aqua Fit.

Weight Watchers.  I lost .500 grams this week.  Taking my loss for this year to 2.2 kgs.  Not bad considering I've not exactly been totally 'on track', but I have been trying.

I have ONE GOAL this year.  Minus 30 kilos and get into JEANS again.  JEANS.  I would kill to get into jeans again.  I dream about it!  Jeans/t-shirt and sneakers.  My 'fav' outfit.  I WILL DO IT.

 ABOVE:  These two wee boys always make me smile... Bex is so very good at keeping me up to date with what's going on with them.

ABOVE:  These photos made me crack up!  Archer and Dante picking dead skin off Steve's heels!  Bex gave them tweezers to help do it, they look so engrossed in the job. Ewwww.

And on that note, I'm outta here.  Gotta get that wee girl up/fed/dressed and out of here by 8.15 am.


10.50 am:  And we did go to Aqua Fit today.  There were heaps of people there!  Yesterday they had over 60 people, so had to split the group into three.  They didn't do that today, but I think they should have.  Some people couldn't hear the instructions and kept getting behind.

Certainly popular, which is great. 

Home now, had breakfast and ready to jump in the shower.  Then I'm going to relax and make my name badge for Weight Watchers.  It's going to be pretty!  lol

OMG what a lazy day I've had!  Really, I've done NOTHING.  Well... I had a nap.
Then I made my name tag for Weight Watches.
I'm very surprised with myself!


ABOVE:  See?  I didn't bling the living daylights out of it!  It's pretty.  

Stew's in Rotorua today... he's going to have the blistering sun in his face all the way home tonight.

It's a stunning summer's day.  And tomorrow?
It's supposed to be horrendous... a 'weather bomb' sorta day.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Can't imagine it after today's weather.  HOT HOT HOT.

Baaa... sounds like the weather bomb is only going to affect the South Island.  So, no relief up here by the sound of it.

Time to head off to bed.  


  1. Aquafit - on my to-do list!!!

  2. I'm hoping to go back to pool this year no excuse it's only 5 min around corner. Laziness is my only reason.

  3. Love those pics of the boys with Steve's feet! lol. I too, am on a mission to lose 30kg this year. 3.7kg down since Jan 1st. Have dragged my bike out of the shed, and am determined to use it!

    1. That's an excellent loss already Chick! Well done. I am gunna catch up to ya soon. :)

    2. It is a good loss, but a pretty extreme diet - The 8 week blood sugar diet. After a few days though, I'm finding it relatively easy.... Lets see if I'm still saying that in a week or two!

  4. Enjoy the quiet. Well don on the loss. Keep up the good work.

  5. That pic with the boys with the mask on is SO CUTE. Just adorable. Tell Steve to use some lotion lol.

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Love the photos of Dante and Archer they are hilarious...... Good loss there. It's me Blondie.


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