Monday, January 02, 2017


When Russell was here on Christmas Day, he was wearing new jandals.
We all admired them, they were nice looking, and very comfortable as well.


 ABOVE:  For this... I blame Russell!  Griffin, Me and Steve ALL have the same jandals now.  (Australian's call then Flip flops, I don't know what other countries call them?)

ABOVE:  How our 'lounge' looks now with the dining table in there.  It's not THAT cramped!
And we get the benefit of having a BIG family room now.

TODAY?  Well if the weather is OK, we are going to Coromandel to the Keltic Fair.  It's held every year on the 2nd of January, and we have not been to one in at least 10 years, if not more.

I have a very dear friend in Coromandel, so we will be visiting her too.  I've not seen her in years either.

 ABOVE:  A couple more ink tiles I did yesterday afternoon.

ABOVE:  It's starting to look like a production line!  I am going to try selling them at the local market.  Some will be wall hangings, and some will be trivets.  I wonder if they will sell?



9.00 pm:  We have had a lovely, lovely day!
Some photos:

 ABOVE:  Traffic along the Thames coast was fairly heavy.  The road was as I remembered it, narrow and twisty.

ABOVE: Beautiful countryside on the way over the hill to Coromandel.

 ABOVE: The Keltic Fair was NOT as I remembered it.  Nowhere near as many stalls, and bugger all 'proper' crafts.  Lots and lots of clothes stalls, hats, jewellery and cheap shit.

Very disappointing really.

I DID enjoy the hot dog and chips!

I bought some clips for half empty bags/containers of drink etc.  A sun hat for Keera and 3 more concrete fish for the garden.

ABOVE: Keera on a 'baby' Rocking Pirate Ship.  She loved it!

 ABOVE:  Visiting with my girlfriend Frieda.  She gave me the scarf that's on Griffin's face.

 ABOVE:  We took Keera for a splash at Long Bay.  By the time we got there, the tide was out and it was drizzling, but she didn't care!  She had a blast... which was neat.

On our way home, we stopped at Thames and had dinner at a local restaurant.  The food was fair to middling.  It was nice to 'eat out' rather than go to a food court though.

Uneventful trip home...

ABOVE:  And THIS is what happens in summer when I travel!  Huge, swollen feet/ankles.  Major IKKK.  Me feet look deformed!

Time to relax and put them up!


  1. I would call Jandals thongs. I am Canadian.

    1. LOL .. Thongs are those skimpy, almost string like underpants here!

    2. Your thongs are g-strings here in Oz!!!!

    3. Yeah, they are called g-strings here too... AND thongs. lol

    4. Kate... TOO FUNNY!

  2. I'm Canadian too and we call them flip flops :)

  3. US is flip flops too. Being in FL I wear them 98% of the time. Some people call them thongs as mentioned above. I once had a friend that called them flippers.

  4. We call them flipflops too (W. Canada). I think thongs got left behind (ha ha) when the undies took over the name!! I love your tiles. I think they would sell really well. I now your favourite colour is blue but for selling purposes some other colours might do well.
    And finally, Happy New Year with a fresh dump of 20cm of snow!!

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Chris where did you guys get your jandals from Samuel desperately needs new ones! he got $1 jandals and boy they not comfy lmfao wonder why? Loving the tiles do a purple range blue range orange range green range maybe? SELL some of your UFO and Bex crotchet items the stall be fantastic, you could always just sell fabric swatches! ( can ya tell I'm in a funny mood today like funny haha) It's me Blondie

    1. Got jandals from The Warehouse.

  6. Thongs here in Oz :O) lolol

  7. Anonymous10:18 AM

    They are THONGS in Australia!

  8. Flip flops in the uk.

  9. Anonymous10:47 AM


    They are thongs in Australia....l


  10. Oh Chris, can't let you get away with the Flip-flops comment. Definitely thongs in Australia.

    Mary in Tassie

  11. I'm loving your alcohol ink tiles - they are beautiful! How much are you planning to sell them for? I might order one from you as a trivet - I don't have a trivet at present.

  12. I haven't even thought of prices yet... but I'd love to sell ya one! I will get back to you on that when I get home. 😊

  13. They are flip flops here in the USA.

  14. They really are beautiful.

  15. Anonymous9:39 PM

    oh love the looks on Miss Muppets face on the baby pirot ship swing thing, and check out miss water baby lol....
    x #2

  16. Flip flops or slops here in South Africa

  17. We used to call them thongs, then that became under ware so now everyone calls them flip flops.

  18. Thongs. Definitely not flip flops. Always thongs ;)


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