Monday, January 09, 2017


Yaaaa.... finally my car is going into the panel beaters to get fixed.
My boo boo is going to be all gone!

I am being given a loan car for the entire week, so at least I won't be car-less! I better drive VERY CAREFULLY, and not damage the bloody thing!

Stew's going back to work today... I hope his deck isn't piled TOO high with work to catch up on.

On my agenda today, apart from dropping off me car, is to get a bit more backing board for the ink paintings.
Then once I'm home I will cut it up, prime it and paint it.
I think I'm going to do a few with white backgrounds, and a few with black.  
As for the frames, not sure if I will keep them the same colour as the backing or go for the contrast.

Time will tell.

There is a craft fair down at the local church at the end of the month, so I am aiming for MAYBE having a stall then?  I suppose it will depend on if I can get a place there, and the cost too.

If I can't, I will aim for the next 'Trash and Treasure' market in the town ... I think that's next month.

2,000,000 PAGE VIEWS 🎇 🎆 🎊 !  My blog hit that number last night!  I've been watching it for the last couple of days, hoping I would actually SEE it happen.  I missed it by ONE!  Oh well... it will be another 5 years till it ticks over another million I reckon.  😆😎 


Brylee painted my toenails last night... must have been a premonition...

ABOVE:  Blue nails...

 ABOVE: Blue loan car!  And it's a very nice car too... leather seats even.  I'm liking Cambridge loan cars... ha ha ha!

All done on what I needed to do downtown, so now I shall move on to cutting out backing boards and painting them.

3.10 pm:   and I've spent the last three hours in Hamilton, attending to some family business.
All good now.
I also went to The Warehouse looking for BLACK FRAMES, but no luck.  So it looks like all the ink paintings will have white frames, and either black or white backings.

I'm freakin' tired for some reason today.

So, might have a nap... I've got Weight Watchers tonight.  I don't think I've gained over the Christmas period at all... in fact I think I've lost some?
Some days it shows a good loss, other days not so much.

But at least I know I haven't GAINED.  I'm sure of it.  Fuck their scales better be nice!

I will update again after WW's... then we will all  know.

I didn't have a nap.  Just ran out of time.  I pre-cooked dinner before I left for WW, so just had to flash fry the meat when I got home.

Result?  I lost 1.7 kilos over the Christmas period.  I'm happy with that!
My resolve might have kicked in FINALLY... here's hoping this year I kick some serious weight to the curb.

Looking forward to a nice evening.  


  1. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Ha must of been me when I wished Stew Happy Birthday lol It's me Blondie...

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    nah it was me....stalking my Ma's page is my all day thing to do lol

  3. Anonymous11:10 AM

    omg the toes and the car lol.....thats just a bit too freaky lol #2

  4. Love the toes :-)

  5. I have started a tiny britto collection of the snall ones. Have a mickey and winnie the pooh. Also Finn got a britto mickey soft toy for xmas.

  6. Love the sporty blue car! I hope your day is going well :)

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      it's a 2.4lt Honda Accord 2006 model tip tronic straight 4 front wheel drive :)

  7. Nice nails and the cars not too bad either!! Congrats on the 2,000,000+ views!

  8. Congrats on hitting 2 million. Not easy.


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