Saturday, January 07, 2017


Today I'm going on the hunt for CHEAP picture frames for some of the Ink Tiles.
I'm not happy with how they look on the chipboard, with no frame.

I also want to find some thin cork to back the ones that will be trivets.

I've managed to seal 9 of them, so will choose one to use as a trivet myself, to check out how it stands up to daily use.

Once I've 'road tested' it, I can sort out pricing (Paula), and let you know how much one will be.  There will be a couple of sizes available.

This morning I hope Stew will pump up our paddle pool, then Keera can play in it, and I can cool off in it!  I'm not above sitting in a kid's paddle pool!  😄

It's such a shame this home didn't have the pool we so wanted!  *sniff*
But you can't get EVERYTHING in the one home eh?
We are just so happy we got this home as it is.


We had drizzle first thing this morning, and now it's shaping up to be a lovely afternoon.  We are off into town for a little while soon, then back to enjoy the afternoon at home.

Doubt the teenagers will come with us, they seem to like being at home?  Weird kids.  

5.09 pm:  Well everyone must be out and about having a good time?  Very quiet here today that's for sure.

We went out too.  Got some really well priced frames from The Warehouse, lunch at a new place (to us) at the Base, then came home.

 ABOVE: Our first cherry tomatoes!  And we are still getting 2-3 strawberries a day too.

ABOVE:  The paddle pool is up, full and ready for tomorrow.  It took ages to pump up!

It's now time to relax, have dinner and just enjoy the evening.


  1. Enjoy your day, I am going to go and battle Sylvia park, eek

  2. Anonymous6:07 PM

    hay it's the fish off finding Nemo.... well really animated and friendly style lol

  3. Love the fish. Pool looks awesome sounds like u had a lovly day.

  4. Can't wait to see the tiles in the frames. Finally got all the christmas stuff down and packed ready to go up in the rafters in the garage.


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