Wednesday, January 11, 2017


So... this is where my site will be come 30th January, for the St Andrews Craft Fair:

ABOVE:  The church is on the corner of Hamilton Road and Victoria Street, it's a very well known corner.

Before the expressway went in, everyone travelling North or South on State Highway 1 had to pass it. 

So, I've got a bit of work to do to have all the Ink Tiles framed and ready to go.  And of course, if I get the time, I will make some patchwork coasters too.  

I've not got any other plans for the day (YET)... so I will catch ya later.


ABOVE:  "I can do my own hair Grandma!"
Nice Keera, very nice.  

So, I want some plain white paper to put on the very back of the painting backing board, to cover the odd bits of paint I got on them.

I go down to the local Paper Plus shop.  I go in and show them the backing board, and ask then if they have any paper that is that size?

NO is the answer.  I say, anything a bit bigger that I can cut down?

NO is the answer.  BUT,.... they do have some card?

I get taken to look at the card.  It's $1 a sheet.  I ain't paying that much per painting!

So I say thanks.  And the saleswoman leaves me to it. 

I wander around the shop for like, 1 second and come across this:

ABOVE:  Would you LOOK AT THAT!  500 sheets of plain white paper, which can be cut down to size!   For $27.  Ahhh, that's sure MASSIVELY cheaper than $1 a sheet of card.

So, I take the paper up to the counter, eyeball the saleswoman who 'served' me, and hold up the paper.  Then I said "Oh look, plain white paper that will fit my board".  And pay and leave. 

She walked away without saying a word.  DUMB ARSE BITCH.

ABOVE:  (ignore the focus, I was having problems!).... Brylee messed up her hair, so she did it again, all by herself.  "It's even better now Grandma!"

 ABOVE:  7 totally finished.

ABOVE:  By tomorrow midday, these 8 will be finished too.

I tried making a few more little ones this afternoon... but seriously, it just wasn't working.  I've got 4 done, but I'm not that happy with them.  

Dinner is starting to smell yum.   I've got corned beef in the crock pot.  We will be having mashed potatoes, veges and a cheese sauce to go with it.  My mouth is drooling!  I've not cooked corned beef in a few years.

Super yum dinner tonight! Everyone loved the corned beef, though I found it very strong tasting.  Still lovely and I really enjoyed it.

Watching Legally Blonde 2, then going to bed.  It's bloody tiring with a non-stop, yabbering 4 year old in the house I tell ya!  *sigh*


  1. Keeras hair looks beautiful ! Have you show her what it looks like in the mirror ?

    1. No, I didn't want to upset her!

  2. Beautiful keeras. ..

  3. So funny when little kids 'do their own hair'

  4. Keeras so cute her hair looks great as Mia says look it's a messy bun

  5. $27 for a ream of paper?? No way! Best go to a stationary shop and get one for around $6!

    Love the tiles though. They're looking lovely!!

    1. It was a stationary shop!

    2. I'm hoping that the paper you bought was at least 120gsm per sheet, otherwise you have been ripped off sorry. We pay about $5.25 per ream of 500 x 80gsm A4 papers at work :)

    3. It is Canon OFFICE, 500 x 80gsm A3 paper. So, have I been ripped off?

    4. Not ripped off - A3 ream at Warehouse Stationery is $20 so not so bad.

    5. I tried to comment earlier but it got hard on the bus. I was hoping you had bought paper bigger than A4! So seems pretty good.

      Also, I love getting the best price but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get something when you can. Time is money too especially to busy people!

      Penny xo

    6. No, that price isn't so bad if A3 - I thought you had bought A4 (sorry!). Having said that, you do pay for the brand name. We buy OPD or Reflex A3 reams at work for about $16.00 + GST - and they are as good as Canon. (We use to buy Canon paper at one point until we realised that other brands were just as good).

    7. Yeah my mistake too sorry. I thought it was A4!!

  6. Love Keera's hair. Is your spot under the trees? If it is that would be a great spot in the shade.

    1. Yes it is, that's why I chose it.

  7. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Haha go little miss hairdresser in the making lol, just don't let here near scissors or color lol.
    She's such a little girly girl, nothing like mummy hehe xx

  8. Have you tried mustard sauce with the corned beef? We use the one from the Edmonds cookbook - yum!

    Keera is such a cutie 😃

  9. I can't tell - is there glass over the tile in the frame or did you leave the glass off? I'm with Tracy... the Edmonds cookbook mustard sauce is really good but hey, cheese sauce is pretty much a winner with anything :)

  10. I have been adding some mustard seeds to our cheese sauce recently, it's nice for a change

  11. Holy Crap $27 for a ream of copy paper? They are like $3 here.

  12. Keera's hair do/s are so cute and as only little girls can she will adapt and invent along the way a little girl I used to look after did my hair once it HAD multiple butterfly clips in back tiny glitter ones and I went to town with them in! Good idea shade spot for stall hope it goes well.


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