Thursday, January 12, 2017


You might as well bugger off.

I've got nothing much to yabber on about today.

I might take the kids to a movie today, cos they are finally getting bored!

If we go out, it means I will have to carry on with the ink paintings, getting them framed, later on today.

I ordered some more ink from Australia, expecting that to arrive in the next week or so.
Until then, I'm not making any more.  I've run out of a couple of colours I really like to use.

So... I'm off to feed small child, get some washing on, get teenagers out of bed... and check out the movie options.


*SQUEALS*!  My new inks arrived... I am beyond amazed at that Australian company!
SO FAST to deliver.

 ABOVE:  Several new colours, and some replacements.
Of course, I had to try them out immediately... 

ABOVE:  Trying to steer away from BLUE BLUE BLUE! 

4.01 pm:  And we finally decided to go and see this movie:
ABOVE: It was... entertaining.  Sometimes funny.  Killed a couple of hours.
Keera spent those hours with her Mum as the movie had an M (Mature) classification.

 ABOVE:  When we got home, I put the sprinkler on for Keera, and me!  And the dogs.  I made them run through it lots, they didn't really like it, but it would have cooled them down if nothing else.

AND I actually RAN around the yard too!  It felt great!  I could RUN a bit!  

Dinner tonight is going to be fish 'n' chips, I want a night off!

Dinner over.. sure can't eat as much as I used to!
This is good eh?

Watching TV for a while, then I might do some more tiles.


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Really like this one, are you sure that Bex hasn't been visiting?

    Mary in Tassie

    1. Ha ha... you smart arse! I know there's ORANGE in it... but I assure you I made it!

    2. Hahahaha yeay for the orange your finally using it 😁😁😁😋😋😋

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I love this latest one - my colours. Audrey in Rotorua

  3. Really loving seeing you in your happy place - making time for yourself to enjoy your creativity and artwork. Which supplier do you use in Australia for your alcohol inks? Do they supply other craft materials? Sounds like delivery time is super fantastic! Enjoy the movies.

  4. loving your new inks!! Do a pink and purple..... xxxxx

  5. You have done heaps inks they all look fab.. Hope it goes well It's me Blondie..

  6. Anonymous4:26 PM

    oh Keera those pics of you are just neat looking so happy xxxxxxx
    #2 x

  7. Enjoy the summer fun.


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