Sunday, January 22, 2017


So today... I'm hoping Steve will make some sort of stand so I can display my ink paintings and trivets/coasters at the up-coming craft fair.

He reckons it won't take much to sort something out.  We will see.

Apart from that, we really don't have any plans for the day!
Probably just enjoy the company.

I've made a few more small trivets, so will varnish them today and get them finished in the next day or two.

Bex made herself a large trivet tile yesterday too.  I will show you later.  It's quite nice.

Right, I'm off to get some more washing on.
Might not be the day for getting it dry outside though.  It rained last night quite a lot.


Talk about stormy weather!  Lots of places got hit hard overnight, luckily not too bad here.
A big tree just down the road spilt at the base and has fallen into the park.  My new little tree, in the new garden by the kitchen and lounge windows, lost one of it's new branches, but that's ok, we were going to trim it off anyway.

This weather is perfect for the gardens... masses of new growth everywhere.

I just hope it doesn't rain NEXT monday!  (30th)

Steve has gone out to talk to the people he built the big deck for, they want him to do more work for them.  Then he will build my display stand all going well.

The stupid sun has come out... but you can bet it will be pissing down again soon enough.  It's just one of those days.

Shit ya know it's a boring day when you talk about the weather!  lol

 ABOVE:  Our neighbour's dog came to visit... he's lovely.  Tallulah and Coco didn't think so ... but as they were confined to their area, there weren't any fights.

The neighbour's dog is usually confined to their property by a special collar that stops him crossing the 'boundary line'... but he's having a break from it cos it was giving him a rash.

We didn't mind him visiting at all.

In between all the showers, I did a little gardening...

 ABOVE:  The garden is bursting with produce.  We can't keep up with the lettuces.

 ABOVE:  Steve and Bex are taking home one of the cabbages, that leaves two for us, then I can plant some more lettuces for further down the track.

Talking of 'track'.... there's lots of cycle tracks around here... and guess who turned up unexpectedly this morning? ...

 ABOVE:  Russell and Ange!  They drove to the Velodrome which is a few kms out of town, and rode their bikes to our's.
They are working on their fitness... good on them!  

ABOVE:  off they go!  I hope they dodged the showers.

I've spent the afternoon watching Steve build my display stand, then I made some more tiles.  Steve made one this afternoon too.

Dinner tonight is chicken stir fry with noodles.

Well dinner was so-so tonight.  Not my best effort, but everyone ate it.  So that's good.

I am going to put some tiles on my new display stand, then take a photo and show you.... TOMORROW.

It will give me something to put on the blog in the morning eh?  *smiles*

Signing off for the night, watching 800 words... love it!


  1. We often used a homemade tile display that was a flat board with pairs of dowel rods sticking up. The tiles can just stand up between the little dowel rods. Super easy, effective, and quick.

  2. Gale force winds and sideways down here already.. I feel it's a good day to shift furniture liol

  3. So lovly your kids can pop in now for visits. I'm so excited for you and your stall hope it goes well

  4. I can't wait to see your booth all set up? Your garden is fabulous. In fact. your entire yard looks like a beautifully manicured park - just lovely!

  5. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Aww Chris your garden is looking great, the weather is all over the place here too. I a moving nxt weekend have been SLAMMED at work all last week due to be SLAMMED again this week, then have to shift weekend oh joy but finally in a space mostly by myself! long overdue but a doer upper house (friends of mine own it) I am feeling I may have to order RED coasters and a LOVELY blue set of just 2? will you do just twosy sets as it would be for a single friend of mine she is widowed? 4 seems too many BUT I DON'T mind I could break the set into 2 of 2 myself eh!! It's me Blondie....

    1. I am happy to do two red ones and two blue ones for you chick. But it won't be for a week or two as I have to order a box full of coaster size tiles. I will get back to you when I have some more for sale.

    2. Perfect It's me Blondie... Could I get 4 red, 4 Turqouise changed me numbers now AND see St Andrews Craft Fair comment too please thanks..... It's me Blondie


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