Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Well it's going to be a quiet day on the blog.

After I drop Keera off at Kindy, I'm heading into Hamilton for the day.

I don't expect to be back home till late tonight.

The two big kids are on house/dog sit.  And later on, Brylee will walk down to Kindy and pick up Keera for me.

Then they, (B & G), will have to entertain her, feed her and make sure all is well until Stew gets home from work.

And that is all I shall be saying about today really.  My activities today are not shareable. 

So, until I am home again... have a nice day.


9.00 pm:  Home again.
It's been a long, long day.  Very tiring.  Lots of sitting/waiting/stress... but it's over now and everything is back to 'normal'.  Moving on.

Tomorrow I will be having an EXCELLENT day. I plan on going to Aqua Fit again... and then sorting out my tiles/pictures, making some price stickers etc.  I haven't sorted out how I'm going to display my tiles yet, but we will work on that this weekend.

And now... I'm going to finish watching Level, then go to bed.  I'm knackered.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Hope all goes well for you today. Sounds like a long day. Its great that B & G are of the age they can look after Keera too. One thing less for you to worry about.
    Take care
    Karen in AK

  2. Hope it all goes well. XX Julie

  3. Just sending love.

  4. Sending loving thoughts.Hope today has gone ok.

  5. Anonymous9:24 PM

    thank you for everything xx

  6. Glad everything is all right. What's Level?


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