Sunday, January 15, 2017


Fingers crossed... we are expecting wet weather today.
We hope so anyway.

With any luck it will cool things down a bit.

We really should have gone to the lake yesterday, but neither of us felt like it.  We are both tired.  Him back to work, and me not getting a break from having to get up early every day.

I think I will have to get one of the big kids to take a sleep in OFF, and give me a break.

Clearly it won't be today.  Or tomorrow.

Stew and I both have diabetes eye exams tomorrow morning.  A pain in the butt, but necessary for good health.

I think I will talk Stew into going into Hamilton some time today.  I need 5 more larger size frames for tiles, and some more hooks for the back of the frames too.  Other than that, everything is pretty much done with them.

Funny how I thought I would give alcohol inking a 'go' and now I've got 30+ freakin' tiles!
And I haven't even tried it on PAPER yet!  Nuts.

At least if they don't sell at the craft fair, I've got all next Christmas's presents done!  lol

OK... off to start the day, feed that kid, bla bla bla.


1.45 pm:  And we have been into Hamilton, bought the few things I needed, done a mini grocery grab, had some lunch and come home again.

The promised rain has arrived.  It's lovely, no having to put the sprinklers on today.

Hanging out till Tuesday so BAD.  Keera goes back to Kindy!
OMG her need to be talking, talking, talking ALL THE BLOODY TIME is doing my fucking head in.
ROLL. ON. TUESDAY.  And if that makes me a dreadful Grandma, too bad.

Stew and I ended up watching a movie that was of no interest to us at all at the beginning, but it turned out quite interesting!  'White Lies', and New Zealand film. 

Time for bed.


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM


    Maybe you could make a mosaic for the wall on your outdoor area with the tiles ?...they look stunning...



  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    We have stinky light drizzle NONE of the lovely promised actual rain it is humid muggy and ick! not a fan no siree It's me Blondie

  3. Makes you human! xxx

  4. Lucky the preschool is opening on Tuesday!! Most wait until school goes back in February!! I used to hang out for that day LOLOL it doesn't make you a bad Grandma!! I used to send both mine to a private one that was open *every* day (almost). It cost a fortune, but I needed a break......

  5. Miss 5 is like that never stops yabbering from the time she opens her eyes yesterday her and grandad went to see Moana while I was at work from the time they picked me up till I put a movie on to watch she kept chanting something from the movie just about drove me mad

    1. I'm glad I'm not abnormal! I think I have less tolerance than most... having raised kids NON STOP for 38 bloody years now!

  6. Please give as a video of Keera's endless chatter!!!!

  7. We call our little William CB, thats short for constant babble !!

  8. Our oldest granddaughter has been 'chatty', to say the least, since the day she could talk, and she's 26 next month, and nothing's changed!!!!!! AARRGG!!!!!!


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