Tuesday, January 03, 2017


It's scary how fast our two 'bonus' kids have grown up!
This could be their final year at college!
I'm pretty sure it is Brylee's last school year at least.

But... they are still kids at heart:

ABOVE:  Brylee on a swing at Long Bay, Coromandel, yesterday.

ABOVE:  Griffin up a tree... I mean, where else would he be?  lol

They both enjoyed yesterday, nice to get out of the house and breath fresh sea air.

We have decided to take a trip over to the Mount one day this week, and also to the lakes over Rotorua way too.

Stew has this whole week off before going back to work next Monday, so we shall make the most of it.

I'm not sure what's on the agenda for today... but I'll be back later and fill ya in.


So... I tried to make GREEN tiles.  I had two disasters in a row.  Total waste of ink.
Then I managed to make two that were a bit more green:

ABOVE:  But as you can see, blue crept in anyway!  The tile on the right had NO BLUE added at all, yet there's blue there!  Colours bleed into each other, and change colour ... so there ya go.  Some blue.

The one on the left was heading towards being another disaster, but it actually looks quite neat 'in person'.  It hasn't photographed that well.

My damn feet are still very swollen this morning, so I shall be keeping them up as much as possible today.  I've also taken a piddle pill, something I hardly ever do any more.  That should help get the excess fluid outta me.

Of course, it also means 52,000 trips to the loo today!  Yaaa.

Steve left behind some fireworks.  Just 'bangers'... cos I had an idea how to use them.
The chickens.  KEEP COMING ON OUR PROPERTY and raking all the bark off the gardens.
They had a field day yesterday while we were out... there is bark all over the place.

So, just now they wandered into our driveway, so I threw a bunch of bangers at them.  That sure worked!  They took off real fast, feathers flying... well OK, not really flying!

But they got the message I hope?  I think I'll have to do that a few times to get them to stay away.

I am like SUPER annoyed with their owners, forcing US to keep their fucking chickens out of our section.  I thought those chickens were just LOVELY when we first moved in.  Now I hate them.

It's after dinner time here now.  Stew, Griffin and Keera have had dinner.  Brylee is at a girlfriend's for a sleep over.  I was doing ink work at dinnertime, so didn't get any.

No left overs either! So I will probably cook myself something a bit later on.

Oh well.. it's been a very quiet day... which was nice.


  1. How old are Brylee and Griffin? By "college" I think you mean what we refer to as "High School". So is she in her final year of school and not interested in University? My son just finished his first half year at University and does not like it. Don't know if he will return for the second half a year which starts in a few days!

    1. College/High School ... same thing here. University? Ahhh no, she won't be going to University. She might/probably will go to WINTEC, which is a learning institute a level below University, and teaches Trades/Health & Beauty/Information Technology/Education and so on. She is not sure what she wants to do yet... painting nails is NOT a career path sadly! Well... not one that's going to earn her a decent wage so she can LEAVE HOME! lol

    2. Oh forgot... Brylee is 16 and Griffin is 15. Griffin wants to go into the building trade like his Uncle Steve, so he MIGHT be able to start that next year.

    3. If she is any good at it & prepared to train properly & work hard, painting nails is a valid career these days

  2. I love the ink art Chris. They're gorgeous.

  3. I forgot to say I loved the DRESSES Brylee had chosen especially the black n white polka dot one. Very pretty. 16 and 15 wowza that has flown by really it has. Raining cats n dogs down our way traffic a nightmare. It's me Blondie......

  4. Would a beauty therapy course be an option for Brylee? It's one of those industries that can't be taken over by online businesses. And a good beauty therapist can make nice money. Loving seeing her in dresses - such a pretty lass. And Griffin is a very good looking young man.

    The tiles look amazing - wonder what your idea of a disaster is?!

    Hope the piddle pills work - swollen feet are the pits.

    Enjoy your family time - you deserve it after such a hectic year.

  5. Happy New Year Chris (& family)!!!! Looks like you've been having a lovely time together!!! Love the ink tiles. Cant believe how big B & G are & that they are ready for the next phase in schooling/life! How time flies!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love the green tile on the right. You must be getting quite a collection of them. Didn't Brylee want to be a nurse at one point? If Griffin went into the building trade next year would it be like an apprenticeship? Hope your swollen feet are getting back to normal.

    1. Nursing requires a good knowledge of maths, and that isn't a strong suit of Brylee's. Griffin would enter into an apprenticeship to become a builder, just as our son Steve did. Steve should finish his apprenticeship in a couple of months or so. Hopefully at some point in the future Griffin will work with Steve... well that's what I hope happens. My feet are probably 75% better, but certainly not all back to normal yet. Most frustrating as they feel heavy and tight.

  7. Penny1:23 AM

    I'm sure your kids know about this already, but just in case: https://www.careers.govt.nz/
    It has resources to help you think about career options or ideas, as well as helping with relevant details like potential earnings and work conditions, but also it helps with identifying training.

    Your bonus kids are so awesome, I wish them the very best with such big choices ahead of them.

    Best of luck to all of you, so good to see them looking so healthy and happy. Penny xp

  8. Doesn't your local council,have a ranger that can speak to,them.

  9. Time passes very quickly. Best of luck this New Year. Looks like you had loads of fun this holiday.

  10. Whats the council by laws on chickens? As in Wellington people were allowed them but they had to be contained.

  11. Those tiles are fantastic!! On tire swings, I thought you were supposed to put your legs through the hole.....

  12. Damn chickens lol. That will teach them! The kids are getting so grown up. Mine too :/ Good and sad at the same time lol (and of course mine aren't even bonus ones ;))


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