Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Well, once I have taken Keera to Kindy, I really don't have any plans for the day!

I might make a couple more tiles?

I've not got many blank tiles left!  I can't wait till tomorrow, when the coaster size tiles are due to arrive.  Then I can get some done in time of the craft fair.

Once I've done them, I can put all the ink away, and set my sewing room up again, ready to do some sewing.  I've missed sewing.  The Cambridge Patchwork group starts up again next Monday night, so that will be neat.

DOGSTARS:  Just for you:

ABOVE:  The mop I bought to clean the walls with.  It did a great job too.

And that's about all for now, looks like it could be a really dull day!


Well... I've got all my prices signs printed out... now I just have to get them laminated.
I also made a 'Chris H' sign and little handouts with my name and number on them, in case people want to take my number for future reference.

ABOVE:  My name sign, I bleeped out my phone numbers obviously.  *smiles*  Pretty?

I just got a lovely parcel in the post!  From a long time blog reader in Tasmania, Australia!
THANK YOU MARY... you know you didn't have to...

ABOVE: Fat quarters!  ... a purse and a very pretty card... all in BLUE!  *smiles*
It's not even my birthday!  She sent it to me cos she enjoys my blog.  
Once again Mary, THANK YOU.  You made a dull day just that much brighter.

So... I had a go at making a couple of tiles this afternoon.
Some days it just ain't gunna happen... today was one of those days.  No matter what I did, they came out like shit.
So... I have given up.  I'll clean them off and try again tomorrow.

Weird how that happens!

Dinner tonight is a tomato based pasta dish... with some beef thrown in.  We are desperately short in the grocery department, so shopping will have to happen like, SOON!

I can't remember the last time I went grocery shopping!  Whoops.

Stew's been in Rotorua today, so hopefully his drive home is good.  There's been so many accidents this summer, I worry every time he's on the road.

Stewy got home safely.  Dinner was another so-so meal.  I got the craving for something sweet, so sent him out for dessert.  Ice cream and chocolate sauce.  Feel every so slightly ill now.
Stoopid me.


  1. Very cool name sign.

  2. Hi Chris, I tried to comment yesterday but my poota was being stupid. Anyhoo, I wanted to ask how much pocked money B and G get? Sorry if it's too personal. It's just that Guy (11) will probably start asking for it sooner or later...... after he completes his chores that is!!! xx

  3. It is a very modest $10 each, but they can earn more when we give them an extra big job to do sometimes.

  4. What a nice gift from Mary. i love the purse, it looks like b.sirius, if so extra nice.

    1. It is a b.sirius. It is really lovely.

    2. Ooooo I love their purses and bags, lucky you

  5. Love your sign Chris. What a lovely surprise parcel.

  6. Hope Stew made it home safely and isn't exhausted. Long trips take days for me to recover from don't know how pl do it day in day out. X

  7. Ohhhh Fancy having another Tassie tart...lol nice to get pressies.... what a lovely thing to do :) Hi Mary!!!

  8. I use those mops FANTASTIC result. Very colourful sign I must say very you. It's me Blondie


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