Friday, January 13, 2017


Today I've got my 2nd hair appointment here in Cambridge.
I am sure it will go well. I'm not superstitious... luckily cos it's Friday the 13th. 

The other thing that might happen today is... I get my car back?

They said they would have it 'all week'... so if you are talking about a full 'working week', then I expect to get it back today.  

I can't wait to see it all pretty and fixed again!

I am paying a bit more, on top of the insurance excess, to have them fix up as many of the surface scratches and stone chips on my car that they can get out.  I'm hopeful they have managed to get heaps done.

While I'm at the hairdressers, the two big kids will look after Miss Muppet for me.  No way I'm taking her with me.

And that's it for now.  Catch you later.


I have to say it... the girl at Empire Hair is THE BEST hairdresser I've ever had!
She is fast, she listens and she gets my hair bang on how I like it!
AND the price is right too. 

Today's hair:

ABOVE:  All credit to Griffin for the fabulous photo!  Brylee took some too, but none were as flattering as this one.

I hate having my photo taken... so to get a nice one is just neat.

It's now nearly midday and I still haven't got any washing on... so that's next on my list of 'to do's'.

4.07 pm:  And the washing is done and hung out, it should be dry in no time.  It's a super hot and windy day.

Keera and I had a play in the yard with the sprinkler on.  It was bliss.

Got a phone call just after I updated here, and my car was ready to be picked up... so I hot footed it down there and got it.

She looks SO MUCH BETTER now!  And they did a fairly good job of buffing out a lot of the scratches and painting over the stone chips in the front too.  I'm wrapt with it.

Now just to avoid any more 'accidents'.  I've now dinged my poor car 3-4 times... enough is enough!  😅's me favourite evening in front of the telly. Coronation Street is on, so I've got the family room all to myself... the rest of the family is watching a movie in the lounge.


  1. Looking great!!! Sexy even... 😉

  2. Love the photo and hair 😃

  3. Love the hair, it looks fantastic. Great photo Griffin :-)

  4. Lovely photo!!!

  5. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I think that hairdresser has nailed it...great you have found her!

  6. Your hair is looking great - glad you have found a fantastic local hairdresser :)

  7. Your hair looks fabulous as usual. I especially like it when you wear it down.

  8. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Love your hair! So pretty :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  9. Lovely photo and I LOVE the hair! Is it one or several colours for highlights! I might avoid looking in my mirror now, my highlights are way overdue....

    1. It's my own hair colour, some of the brown I put in a few months ago, then two new lighter colours, one light blonde and one a warm blonde. It will probably keep changing as she slowly gets rid of the brown? Then I might get her to actually ADD some light brown so it's not just all blonde. I like the different colours showing!

  10. your hair looks great!!

  11. Wow just wow ! what a great photo x

  12. Love your hair and Griffin has taken a great photo.

  13. Gorgeous beautiful hair Chris. I love the colours.

  14. Yes your hair looks great but I love that top too!! Nice.

  15. Anonymous10:27 PM

    So pleased you have found a lovely hairdresser it looks fab... Was hot hot hot here too today. It's me Blondie...

  16. Love Love the pic….and the hair, wow…it looks great :D

  17. Great job on the hair. Have a relaxing weekend.

  18. Your hair looks fantastic! I know you hate smiling in pictures but it really lights up your face when you do!

  19. yes, so glad you found a hair dresser that you like and the look is so much fun! But, you are always beautiful in my book.

  20. Hair and photo are beautiful.


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