Wednesday, January 25, 2017


First thing this morning, I'm taking my car into a tyre shop to get the damaged tyre (from my letterbox mishap), replaced.  I'm also getting a 2nd tyre, to replace one that's almost on it's way out too.

That means I have to wander the streets for about an hour... worst thing is the shops won't be open!  Hopefully a coffee shop will be, so I can at least sit and have a hot chocolate while I wait.

After that, I shall go to the bank and get my 'float' for the craft fair.  It's getting closer and I want to be totally prepared.

AND I hope the coaster tiles arrive today... if not I doubt I will get any done in time for the craft fair on Monday.


Well that's done.  New tyres on me car so all good.
I didn't end up going to a coffee shop... my stomach revolted at the thought of anything so early in the morning.
Even a hot chocolate.

The car took an hour, so I had an hour's walk instead.  Gotta be good for me.

After I picked up the car, I went down to the Panel beaters and booked me car in for tomorrow morning, they still have to replace part of the back bumper.

I've got the float for my craft fair.  Posted tiles off to Christchurch for Paula too.

So a productive morning so far.

And NOW I'm hungry.  Morning tea.... hmmm. 

 There's a bad smell in the air.  Something is brewing I think.

Unrelated: Might be expecting a visit from Lacy's ex flatmate this weekend.  He's made threats over the past week or so about coming out here.  Our Police force seem to be doing NOTHING about his threats either.  His harassment of Lacy is never ending.

He's a bloody psycho!

I got a call from the Tile Shop, the little coaster sized tiles arrived.  So I went into Hamilton and picked them up.
Been making coaster sets ever since.

Stew just got home, we are having KFC for dinner tonight.  It's been a while!  
Totally over pizza and fish n chips!  So wish there was a decent Chinese takeaway place here, but there isn't. Cuts down the options for sure.

Well.. a very quiet day here on the blog!  But, I'm sure you are still reading!
Quiet evening here too... watching the final week of Masterchef... getting tense!
It's been raining on/off all day, and when the sun comes out it's stinking hot and humid.  Hate it!

Thank goodness for fans, fans and more fans.
I sleep all night with a fan blasting on me!

Time to sign off for the night.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. That flatmate is like a dog with a bone. If he does turn up call the Police and tell them you think he may be armed, that will get them motivated.

    1. They have already told me to ring 111 if he does turn up. Fat lot of good that will do... he will be gone before they get here.

    2. Anonymous3:02 PM

      How bout letting your girls at him, maybe Tallulah seeing as she don't like strangers lol. But in saying that he might harm her so no bad idea on my part. Hope he doesn't turn up and its all talk.

  2. Anonymous8:55 PM

    love the fish :)

  3. What on earth does he want with you guys?? what a PITA!!!

  4. I'm feeling very excited to be the first recipient of your lovely alcohol ink coasters and trivets. Can't wait to see them.

    Fingers crossed that Lacy's ex-flatmate is just all talk and no action.

  5. I just had to buy one new TIRE too. Spelling it "tyre" makes me crazy. Gotta be pronounced "TIE-REE" if it's spelled tyre. No way!

  6. Good luck with the Craft Fair. Hope you have a fun time.

  7. You must be careful with mad peole like that, they won't give up the police is no threat to them. He nneds to be locked up, you must get you daughter out of there.

  8. Cars never ending expense but a necessary evil. Gee he needs to chill that ex flatmate, Let it Go even... It's me Blondie


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