Monday, November 28, 2016


Yesterday afternoon I decided to tell Stew I wanted to move a few things around in the Family room.

So, being the darling that he is, he obliged.

 ABOVE:  The reason I wanted to move the furniture around was because every afternoon if I wanted to watch some TV, I had to close all the curtains to reduce the glare on the telly.

Now, I don't have to.  That area of the room now looks more open too, which is great.  Nothing like a change to pick up your tired spirits eh?

After that was done, I decided to chance my luck, and get him to move stuff in the garage too.

ABOVE:  We put my car outside, where it will now stay, and spread the exercise equipment around so there was more room to actually USE it.
And now I have more room in the 'laundry' area too... and I can now dry washing in the garage, instead of in my bedroom when it's raining.

 ABOVE:  Bex has been a busy girl, this is her latest creation.  It's cute as a button.

 ABOVE:  An ever so nice photo Bex sent me yesterday!  Bloody hell Archer has a big tongue!
And a cheeky little face.  Steve?  Used to seeing him like that!

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet looking ever so gorgeous in her McDonald glasses.  She's got kindy today, and the other two kids are home.

Brylee is still on study leave, and Griffin is home as it's a 'Teacher Only' day today.

We have a few things to do in town before we have a quiet afternoon later on.

Oh, before I go... I have that little video of Tallulah enjoying her new chicken:

ABOVE:  She loves her new chicken!


3.08 pm:

Just home after a hectic few hours in Hamilton with Brylee and Griffin.

I bought a huge sun umbrella for having over the BBQ table, some thingees for 'filing' papers etc under my coffee table, a lap top tray thing with a fan, for sitting my laptop on, on my knee.

I've stopped using my laptop table as it just doesn't 'fit' in the family room with the new configuration.

The kids and I met up with 16 other patchwork ladies at the Cafe' in Hamilton Gardens for lunch.  Oh my, what wonderful food they have there!  

I'm going to take Stew there this coming weekend.

After a bit more shopping, we came home.  I'm knackered!  Lunch has made me tired.  I had some hot chips and a hot chocolate, couldn't finsh either of them.

Time now to turn around and go out and pick up Keera from Kindy.  Busy ... busy.

9.14 pm:  Long day over... looking forward to a slightly less busy day tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    I love the way Coco just lies there, ignoring the chicken!!!


  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Crying with laughter @ Tallulah & her Chicken!!!

  3. Haha I just showed the boys archer was craking up laughing and Dante was talking to grandad, brylee and yelling at Griffin thinking we were chatting to you guys haha


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