Saturday, November 05, 2016

HA !

My plan yesterday was to get SOME of the quilting done on Keera's quilt.

Yeah right.

I stayed up until well after 1 am last night, and got the darn thing DONE.  Now ALL I have to do is stitch in the threads and add the binding.  

Oh, and make a couple of matching pillow cases.

That will be fun, I love making matching pillow cases.... *smiles*.

ABOVE:  You can't really see the quilting so much in this photo...

ABOVE:  In this one you can.  The detailed stitching on the blue border took AGES!  But it was worth it.  The rest was simply quilted using the ever so handy wavy lines, and yeah, some flowers too.

I really didn't expect to get all the quilting done yesterday/last night, but I'm glad I did.  Now I have to work on what to use to bind it.  And make the pillow cases.  FUN!

Might not happen today though.  This morning we are doing the grocery shopping, then this afternoon Stew is going to work on the pavers he put in a couple of weekends ago.  The sand isn't working for me... it's getting traipsed inside and all over the concrete.  I hate it!

So he's going to put concrete in the gaps instead.


3.50 pm:  And we have had a fairly lazy day so far.  I stayed in bed till 10 am!  

We went into Hamilton to get a couple of things for outside (concrete, paver), then had lunch at The Base.  I spent my $50 voucher from K & K, and managed to spend an extra $200 there.  Whoops.

Home now, and sorting a few things out in relation to our trip down to Palmerston North in a couple of weeks time.

Motels, transport, and so on.

Stew's cooking dinner tonight.  Yaaaa.  He's doing healthy shit. lol

Times 2 if ya ain't read it in the last week or so.

Well my aim of getting to bed earlier hasn't happened yet.  *sigh*
Off to bed ... it's 12.25 am.  Slightly earlier than last night!


  1. The quilt turned out so pretty!

  2. The quilt is gorgeous!! I'm sure Keera is going to love it - and even more so, because her Grandma made it especially for her!

  3. Quilt looks awesome

  4. SO much detail on this quilt! It makes my head hurt thinking how much effort you must've put into it!

  5. The quilt looks great. Maybe a purple binding? Here's to haelthy eati g.


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